All of the Cadet Staff and some Senior Member staffing are posted on the CTEP page,  accessible under the ACTIVITIES link at the top right of this cover page.

The TLC program for the FALL 2016 event is under review at this time, more to be announced later.

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2016 Fall CTEP/TLC

Operations Plan

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NCO Academy

*** Homework Assignment ***

​1.  Essay - Describe "Responsibility" and what it means to be a cadet NCO.

  • ​     300-500 words (typed, neat font, double spaced, and include a header with rank and name) 

2.  Review CAPM 39-1, AFMAN 36-2203, CAPR 52-16, and CAPP 52-18 

Cadets attending NCOA must complete this assignment prior to arrival.  You will be expected to submit this essay upon arrival on 14 Oct 16.


*** Homework Assignment***

Write a 500 word essay on one of the following topics:

1) Describe Servant Leadership and Inspirational Leadership in your own words.
2) Explain your personal view on the differences and similarities between Servant Leadership and Inspirational Leadership.

Essay must be in MLA format, double spaced, 14pt Times New Roman

Officer Training School (OTS)

***Homework Assignment***

​Due Friday (14 Oct 16) Night

​1.  Take the MBTI Test (for discussion in the Communication class).  Please take the test from the link below:


2.  Study AFMAN 36-2203, CAPM 3-1, Constitution, and material for the Mitchell Leadership Exam (pre-test on Friday night).

3.  Essay 500-700 words:  "What are the Essential Leadership Traits of Squadron Level Cadet Executive Staff?"  (Bring the PRINTED essay in MLA format to CTEP on Friday for grading.)

Cadet Command Staff College (CCLS)

***Homework Assignment***

​Essay - 500 words:  "What is the purpose of the encampment and how does the cadet executive staff ensure that it meets that purpose?"