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~The Texas Wing Cadet Programs staff is dedicated to assisting cadets to become dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders. We encourage you to stay active and use this website to remain up-to-date on wing, region, and national events. Do not hesitate to contact the Director of Cadet Programs if you need assistance (Lt Col James D. Peace jamespeace@sheldonisd.com).

Upcoming Events

Basic Encampment
~Encampment is usually the first activity a basic cadet attends. Encampment teaches the cadet basic military drill, teamwork, and knowledge of the other areas that cadets can get involved in during their cadet career.

Powered Flight Academy
~ One week of flight training designed to give cadets enough experience to solo.

~CTEP is designed to take cadets as they progress through the program and give them both the knowledge and skills to lead cadets at their level of responsibility.

2014 Texas Wing Winter Encampment

~Applications for Cadet Staff are now CLOSED. We are now accepting applications for all Basic & Intermediate Cadets and Senior Members. Seniors, please send me an e-mail with the job(s) you're willing to do, to Maj Fletcher Sharp (Encampment Commander) at fletchersharp@verizon.net.

Please, NO attachments; put what you have to say in the body of the e-mail. Seniors: this is your time! We need Senior Members in a BIG WAY. Without enough senior members...we may end up cancelling the encampment, for safety reasons. NOW is the time to sign up..if only for half of the event, as we'll do "half timers" if need be.

Senior Member Positions:
Firearms Assistant (must be an NRA RSO)
Food Service
Public Affairs
SET (Skills Evaluator Training) Mentor

~Sponsor members are not currently eligible for a staff position as per national guidelines. Any CAP vehicles that are driven to encampment must be checked in for the entire duration of encampment so sponsor members who are driving cadets will need to make arrangements to either stay in a hotel or arrange alternate transportation back.

~NOTE: Per the new CAP R 39-1, effective 1 January, 2015, the wearing of any shade of brown T-shirts is prohibited. The ONLY color acceptable is BLACK. This applies to ALL in attendance, if wearing BDU or the blue BDU. Do NOT bring any shade of brown or tan T-shirt to the encampment.


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