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Posted July 24, 2015

The 2015 Fall CTEP/TLC has been scheduled at the Texas Wing Headquarters for 6 - 8 Nov 15.  Application are being accepted.

Posted July 11, 2015

The Advanced Training School has come to completion and we at Texas Wing Cadet Programs would like to congratulate all the students who endured 10 days of some of the most difficult but also beneficial training that Texas Wing has to offer. Many students regard this as a life changing experience that grants understanding and inspiration in their leadership journey. We hope to see these graduates at many future activities to come.

CTEP is designed to take cadets as they progress through the program and give them both the knowledge and skills to lead cadets at their level of responsibility.

Upcoming Events

~The Texas Wing Cadet Programs staff is dedicated to assisting cadets to become dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders. We encourage you to stay active and use this website to remain up-to-date on wing, region, and national events. Do not hesitate to contact the Director of Cadet Programs if you need assistance (Lt Col James D. Peace jamespeace@sheldonisd.com).

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