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Winter Encampment, 2015 Update/Changes   +   MOVE

Applications are now open for both cadet and senior member staff positions.  This also includes Cadet Command Staff.   A Form 31 and a single page CAP only resume should be forwarded via e-mail. Follow the instructions on the Encampment Page carefully. Please, when forwarding your information, insure you list the THREE positions you're applying for and make it clear which is first, second & third. 

Due to the short time frame of this event (5.5 days) it has been decided that we will NOT host an Intermediate Program.  Cut Off date for Cadet Staff Applications will be NOV. 22, 2015.

THE ENCAMPMENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO TX WING HDQTRS IN NACOGDOCHES!   Many of you are familiar with the challenges we'll face.  We have already ordered a total of 4 large trailers; two full of bathrooms and two for showers; both are heated and air conditioned, so this will help tremendously with those scenarios.  We are also searching for local caterers to provide us with hot meals, another large concern.   Due to the area we have for sleeping, we will be limiting TOTAL enrollment...that's everyone, cadets, cadet staff and senior members together, to a maximum of 150 CAP Members.  We're also working on the possibility of allowing air mattresses/sleeping bags, due to the limited supply of cots.

Costs will be $ 150.00 for cadets, $ 100.00 for senior members.  The OPS plan with the eventbrite login for registration will be available shortly.

We're also going to have a maximum push for Cadet O-Flights, since we're right on the airport; that will depend upon how many aircraft and pilots we can round up.

  Due to the dates...it's going to be a short encampment...5.5 days, start to finish, so there will be some scheduling challenges.  Encampment will begin EARLY (0700 hrs for staff) on Dec. 26, with basics & Intermediates arriving approx. 1200 to 1300 hours.  We will ALL have to be off the premises by 1400 hrs on 31 Dec.   An OPS plan will follow shortly.

Register at   https://txwgwinterencampment2015.eventbrite.com

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