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The dates for Spring CTEP & TLC have been set for March 4 - 6, 2016 and it will be held at Wing Hdqtrs. in Nacogdoches as always.   The Cadet Commander will be Col. Graham Andre.  All cadets applying for staff should contact Col.Graham for updates; I will forward all the applications I've received to Col. Andre, but to be safe, each of you should reach out to Col. Andre .    

His e-mail is graham.andre1@gmail.com

Applications for Cadet Command Staff and Cadet Instructors for all 4 CTEP courses are now open.  Please send your Form 31, along with a maximum of a single page CAP summary of your CAP history to Lt. Col. Fletcher Sharp,  at   fletchersharp@verizon.net   for review and selection.  Staff selection will end on February 5, 2016.

NOTE:  The Feb. 5 deadline is for STAFF only; cadets applying for any of the four schools as students have until 1 MARCH, 2016 to register at the eventbrite site shown at the bottom of this page.

Senior Members desiring to complete TLC (Training Leaders of Cadet) should complete a Form 17, and submit that to Lt. Col. Sharp at the same e-mail address as shown above.  All cadet squadrons are required to have at least two senior members who have completed TLC; additional seniors with TLC completion are a big plus for any cadet/composite squadron.  There will also be an opening for a senior member to be the Director of TLC, if you need that for your professional development goals;  contact Lt. Col. Sharp.

All staff should plan on arriving as early as possible on Friday, the 4th, and have had your supper meal.  Some senior members will be on site to open up the building by 1530 to 1600 hours on the 4th, and classes will be scheduled to start between 1915 & 1930 hrs, and run until approx. 2200 hrs.  Required forms will include (for cadets) the CAP Forms 31, 160, 161, 163 and the TX Wing Cadet Behavior Contract.   Required forms (for Senior Members) will include CAP Forms 17, 160, 161.  Everyone should have their current CAP ID in their possession at Check In.

Eventbrite log in site:      https://txwgspringcteptlc2016.eventbrite.com

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Note:  For NCOA and SNCOA, under the Packing List, while it says PT gear, that includes Tennis shoes/sneakers.

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