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Civil Air Patrol

Email Your Forms!

All applicants must attach the following forms to an email and send them to:

  2016texassummerencampment@gmail.com .  The encampment staff will contact you if the CAPF 162 is needed.  Hard copies (original paper copies with signatures) must be brought with you to in-processing, as well.


Use the following format when emailing forms. 

Subject Heading:  "Last name First name CAPID"

          Example:  Peace James 12345

Label each attachment with the following format:

"Last name First name CAPID Form#"

          Example:  Peace James 12345 CAPF31

                              Peace James 12345 Cadet Behavioral Contract

                              Peace James 12345 CAPF 160

                              Peace James 12345 CAPF 161

                              Peace James 12345 CAPF 163

*** Cadets must have 5 attached forms.  All forms must be complete with signatures.

Seniors will use the same format.

          Example:  Peace James 12345 CAPF 17

                              Peace James 12345 CAPF 160

                              Peace James 12345 CAPF 161

*** Seniors must have 3 attached forms.  All forms must be complete with signatures. 
​Questions?  Contact the Cadet Commander at graham.andre1@gmail.com or the Encampment Commander at jamespeace@sheldonisd.com

We look forward to serving with you at the 2016 Texas Wing Summer Encampment!

Graham Andre, C/Col, CAP

2016 Texas Wing Summer Encampment Cadet Commander

James D. Peace, Lt Col, CAP
2016 Texas Wing Summer Encampment Commander

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2016 Operations Plan

Upcoming Events

~The Texas Wing Cadet Programs staff is dedicated to assisting cadets to become dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders. We encourage you to stay active and use this website to remain up-to-date on wing, region, and national events. Do not hesitate to contact the Director of Cadet Programs if you need assistance (Lt Col James D. Peace jamespeace@sheldonisd.com).

Upcoming Events: 
Texas Wing Summer Encampment
     - June 26 - July 3, 2016 (​Cadet Staff MUST arrive on June 24, 2016​)
     - Camp Bullis near San Antonio, TX

​Encampment Packing List 

*** The Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) is closed.  All funds have been expended.  No new scholarships will be accepted on eServices.  All cadets making new registrations must use the regular registration link and pay online when completing the registration process.  The link for free registrations has been closed.

Directions to Camp Bullis:
​Do not Google directions to Camp Bullis.  These directions will take you to a gate that is closed.  Go to:
​Eisenhower Park
19399 NW Military Hwy
San Antonio, TX  78257

The entrance to Camp Bullis is approximately 400 yards past Eisenhower Park.

​Cadet Staff Arrival:  12:30 on Friday, 24 Jun 16 (Seniors will be present)
Basic Cadet Arrival:  1:00pm - 4:00pm on Sunday, 26 Jun 16
Senior Staff Arrival:  Arrive NLT 4:00pm on Saturday, 25 Jun 16   

​URGENT! All members driving to Camp Bullis must provide the following information NO Later Than Monday, 13 Jun 16:
​1.  Name of driver as shown on Driver's License
2.  Date of Birth of driver
3.  Address of driver
​4.  Driver License number and state of issue (provide SSAN if no driver's license)
​5.  Vehicle information (Make/Model/License Plate #)

​Email this information to chris@texpts.com

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