The First Full Day of Training!

The students woke up at 6:00 AM to the 

sounds of Reville and their flight cadre telling
them to get in line! After quickly dressing into
blues, they came downstairs for some early
drill practice before 
breakfast, then boarded
the buses to head to the DFAC for breakfast.
After breakfast came one of the most
important events of the day, the Air Force
Coining Ceremony! This is an Air Force
ceremony in which people who have
completed basic training are presented with
the Airman Core coin, which signifies a person’s achievement of completing basic training and
promoting to Airman. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the students headed back to the DFAC
for lunch.
Upon returning to the barracks after lunch, it was time to prepare their areas for
inspection. After the inspections were finished, the students were given briefings on Discipline
and the benefits of the Mitchell and Spaatz awards. We also had a very important guest
speaker, Kenny Gaylor, USAF Retired, who gave a presentation on the possibilities for careers
in aviation and claimed that anyone is able to do what he did. In his aviation career, he has
flown many different planes ranging from the Cessna 152 to the Boeing 737. Out of his many
achievements, one of his
greatest was being a
squadron commander for
over ten years.
After the briefs, the
cadets were brought outside
for PT and practice for
morning and evening
formations. Following
practice, there was an actual
evening formation and the
first awards of the encampment
were presented, Foxtrot received honor flight and Bravo received warrior flight. The students
were then loaded onto the busses for dinner. Once dinner was finished, the students were given
some more time for introductions from their flight staff and drill practice before they headed back
to the barracks for personal time and lights 

28 Dec 18

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Day three of the Civil Air Patrol 2018 Texas Wing Winter

Encampment finds the students are looking sharper than ever

and it is clear they are taking advantage of the learning

opportunities presented to them.

The day started early, again, when the students woke up at

rushed outside for drill. After a short period of drill practice,

the students were loaded onto the buses and sent to the Dining

Facility (DFAC) for breakfast. After the students quickly finished breakfast

they were taken back to the barracks to prepare their bunks for inspections. After the time preparing their bunks they were escorted back to the DFAC for lunch.

Once lunch was done, the students were brought back to the barracks and had their areas inspected. The students were then treated to a very interesting presentation on leadership taught by retired Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Robert D. Gaylor. During his talk, Chief Gaylor discussed the principles of Aptitude, Motivation, Attitude, and Opportunities along with how to be a good airman and an even better wingman. After the presentation and the questions that followed, the students were marched back to the barracks to change into PT gear and then went back outside for evening formation. Finished with the formation, the flights stayed outside for PT. This consists of a mix of stretches and exercises to help keep the students in shape.

Following PT the flights continued to practice drill to help improve their teamwork and coordination. Then the students also had a bit more time to familiarize themselves with the rest of their flights and squadron cadre. Next was dinner time.

As evening arrived the entire encampment formed up for evening formation. Golf flight received Warrior Flight (signifying that they were the most motivated flight) and Bravo received Honor Flight (signifying that they were the most disciplined and best overall flight). Then on to the DFAC for dinner and some more drill practice.

The students returned to the main building for character development, where

they learned about the wingman concept, going over what it means to be a

good wingman and leader. After that, they were given personal time to prepare

their bunks along with whatever they need to do in order to be ready for the

next day.

The day presented many good learning opportunities for the students. As the

days ahead!

29 Dec  2018

Final Day of Training

Training Day 4 of the Texas Wing Winter Encampment 2018 marks the last day of this amazing event. Much training, learning, and bonding has taken place in the mere four days the students have been at the encampment. The students have been progressing rapidly and showing their individual skills to further their development in leadership and performance.

The morning started with an optional Sunday service, that Cadre and students could attend, led by Lieutenant Colonel Cavazos, along with some students attending a nearby Mass. For those who did not want to attend, they had extra time to prepare their uniforms, bunks, and continue mastering their drill and ceremonies. After the service was completed, the students had a presentation by Lieutenant Colonel James Peace. The students were taught on many aspects of Aerospace and National Cadet Special Activities (NCSA). The briefing was very informative and provided good insight into flight and space exploration.

Leading into the afternoon, the flights were sent back to their barracks for a full

inspection, including the bunks, uniforms, and military bearing. The inspections

were led by the Executive Cadre and the Quality Assurance Cadre. Once the

inspections were completed, the students were given a briefing on interests in

Aerospace. After the briefing was completed the students prepared for daily

Physical Training (PT).

The evening brought a much-anticipated event, the Dining-In, a military tradition,

full of fun, awards and a wonderful, catered BBQ dinner with an American flag

made up of 276 cupcakes!

With all the hard work the students have put into this week, not only will they

have gained extensive training, but also with the credit earned from this

encampment, they will be able to attend NCSAs (National Cadet Special Activities),

receive their Major General Billy Mitchell award, attend CTEPs (Cadet Training

Education Program), and many more  training exercises and events.

We would like to end this newsletter with a few of the cadet’s comments, to get

some of their perspectives on what they are taking away from this encampment.

Cadet Texas 116 Training Squadron First Sergeant Cody Hohertz remarks, “I like to use my experience from other wings to improve this encampment.”

"I tell my flight staff to lead by example when you tell them to do something you get down and do it with them, get down, get dirty. Our mission will never change and that is to complete the students training. I am here for my students. For my students….for my people. Respect is given, no matter what.” Cadet Texas 118 Training Squadron Commander 1st Lt Daniel Sosa.

Cadet Texas 117 Training Squadron Student Senior Airman  Bruce Stirling, “If you need help you can go to anyone. Being prepared is a big thing.”

First Time in Thirty Years

Lackland Air Force Base Welcomes
Civil Air Patrol!

We are here! Starting to get
ready wasn’t as simple as it might
sound, with some people arriving on
Christmas Day. However, the real
work started the day after, with
senior staff starting work as early as
10:00 a.m. and prep for
in-processing started around 10:30
a.m. Many of the staff and cadre
arrived early to help set up the area.
At noon, in-processing began for staff. We had to rush to get in-processed and finish required
staff training before the students arrived. There was a lot of training done in the two hours
leading up to the students arriving, such as briefings on jobs, conduct, intensity, and working
with students.
Once the students started to arrive, things really picked up. There was a long line of
students carrying their bags and papers while some of the cadre members were still trying to get
some things set up. The students were guided through a long, winding line going to 5 different
stations. At the first station they were given a shirt for their flight, 
then were taken to the
administration table to sign in to the activity. After signing in, they handed in their forms to the
administration cadre and then on to medical to hand in their medical forms. Next, they were sent
to the meeting room to receive a presentation by the Cadet Commander Cadet Maj O’Brien and
signed the honor agreement.
After in-processing, the students were sent to the barracks to put their bags away and
pick a bunk. Most of the students were not prepared for the unfamiliar environment with Officers
and NCOs instructing them and telling them what to do and directing them where to go. After
they finished putting their gear away in the barracks they loaded onto buses and were driven to
the DFAC (Dining Facility) for dinner, where they enjoyed a wide variety of delicious food,
thanks to Lackland’s kitchen staff. Dinner was the first quiet part of the day for the students and
offered a good opportunity to slow down and relax.

Afterwards the students loaded back onto the busses and went back to the main building, Operations Area, where they were sent to the barracks for flight time and personal time. During this time they got to know their leaders, prepare their area for inspection the next day, and got to finally take a break and get showered before lights out.

    However, the day didn’t end when the students went to bed. After the student’s lights out, the staff and cadre held staff meetings, going over the events of the day.

    Overall the day was very successful, and everyone is very excited
for what is ahead and the students are taking their first steps in becoming a flight.

27 Dec 2018

26 Dec 2018