Commandant of Cadets: C/Lt Col Alyssa Kohler

​Deputy Commander: C/Lt Col Logan Obrien

Specialized Curriculum: C/Col Jack Baker

CCSC OIC - C/Col Tomas Maldanado

CCSC Asst - C/Lt Col Joshua Reed

CCSC Asst - C/Lt Col Alyssa Kohler

OTS OIC - C/Capt. Jonpaul Stolle

OTS Asst - C/Capt. Aiden White

OTS Asst - C/Major Justin Compton

SNCOA OIC - C/Major Marissa Hormell

SNCOA Asst - C/2nd Lt Dejana Bukovac

SNCOA Asst - C/Major Lake Mills


NCOA OIC - C/1st Lt Alexis Gonzalez

NCOA Asst - C/2nd Lt Jaden Garrison

NCOA Asst - C/1st Lt Eleanor Larson

Admin OIC -  C/1st Lt Isabel Castrejon

Admin Asst - C/2nd Lt Joel Smith

Logistics OIC - C/2nd Lt Brazy Bazil

Logistics Asst - C/2nd Lt Joshua Smith

​Mess OIC - C/Major Madeline Ybarra

Mess Asst -  C/SSgt Hannah Henry

Mess Asst - C/CMSgt Mark Miller

CTEP Senior Staff
Activity Director - Lt Col Stan Trull

Activity Deputy Director: Lt Col Randy Gibbon

CCSC Lead - Lt Col Stan Trull
CCSC Mentor - Lt Col Randy Gibbon

OTS Lead - 1st Lt Jared Brown
OTS Mentor - Lt Col Jane Smalley

OTS Mentor - 1st Lt Nick Lawrence

SNCOA Lead - Lt Col Don Gulliksen
SNCOA Mentor - 1st Lt Wendi Cameron

SNCOA Mentor - Lt Col Fletcher Sharp

NCOA Lead - Major Joe McRorey
NCOA Mentor - Major Phil Gerke

NCOA Mentor - 1st Lt Jacob Brown

Administration - 1st Lt Liza Smith 

Logistics - Capt Ralph Cisneros Jr.

Mess - Major Chris Baker

Mess - Capt. Roger Reed

Chaplain- Capt. Phineas Jacobus

TLC Director - Major Jean Marie Nixon

TLC Instructor - 1st Lt Joshua Taylor 

​TLC Instructor - 1st Lt Erica Miller

TLC Instructor - 1st Lt Valerie Moczygemba

                           2020 Spring CTEP/TLC

 The 2020 Texas Wing Spring CTEP will be conducted on 13-15     March 2020 Cadre and Senior Members will arrive at 3 pm on Friday the 13th at Texas Wing Headquarters in Nacogdoches.


Please use the 2020 Spring CTEP Student Application blue button below to signup as a student.

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: Once you have an Eventbrite ticket securing your place into a class.  Please submit your CAPF 60-81 with signatures and a CAPF 163 to for attendance to CTEP.  DEADLINE FOR PAPERWORK is 21 Feb 2020.


EVENTBRITE TICKETS: Please select the correct ticket.


Cadre and Senior Members will arrive at 3 pm on Friday the 13th at Texas Wing Headquarters in Nacogdoches.

Please visit the CTEP Homepage for CTEP Class Information. 

Thank you!

Cadet Program Staff


It is posted on the CTEP landing page.