Texas Wing Summer Encampment 2020

Executive Staff Listing Posted Soon

Updated: ​25 March 20

Senior Applications will remain open until positions are filled.


CEAP opened on 1 March 20 please apply if you need assistance to attend Summer Encampment.  Please visit Eservices and open the cadet program menu tab and then go to the Encampment Assistance program and follow the on-screen instructions to apply for CEAP.


Cadre and Senior Member Required Staff Training (RST) will be 19-20 June 2020

and Students will arrive on 21 June 2020 and Graduation will be on 28 June 2020.

Student Applications for Encampment will open once the

Executive Cadre and Cadre are posted which will be soon.​​​​  

2020 Summer Encampment Executive Cadre

Cadet Training Group Commander: C/Col Jackson Baker
Cadet Deputy Commander of Operations:  C/Lt Col Joshua Reed
Cadet Deputy Commander of Mission Support: C/Major Josh Klopfenstein
Cadet Chief of Staff: TBD
Cadet Superintendent: C/CMSgt Gabriella Pfang
Cadet Curriculum and Planning Officer: C/Lt Col Melina Peters
Cadet Safety Officer: C/1st Lt Eleanor Larson

122nd Cadet Training Squadron Commander: C/Maj Justin Compton
123rd Cadet Training Squadron Commander: C/Maj Anaiya Harris
124th Cadet Training Squadron Commander: C/1st Lt Connor Haley

Quality Assurance: C/1st Lt Is. Castrejon
Quality Assurance: C/2nd Lt Jaden Garrison
Quality Assurance: C/Capt Aiden White
Quality Assurance: C/Capt Zoe Dennison