Texas Wing Summer Encampment 2021

Updated: April 11, 2021

Texas Wing Encampment Applications Now Open

TENTATIVE late June to Mid-July

Please click on the appropriate Blue Link bar below to apply for the Texas Wing Encampment. Note: The encampment waiver will end Oct 31 this year. Encampment credit requirements will resume for RCLS, CTEP, and NCSA's. Cadet NCOs and Cadet officers that do not have encampment credit will be excluded from participation in important activities. Cadet officers will be precluded from further promotions until they complete an encampment.

Cadets and Parents: Additionally, the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program is now accepting applications for encampment financial support. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up soon! You can access the CEAP application via the eServices Cadet Programs tab.

We are exploring multiple locations for the 2021 Summer Encampment to allow for the best opportunity to hold the Encampment.  Texas Wing Cadet Programs will keep everyone updated as things change as we will need to be in Phase 3 for 50 days prior to the start of the Encampment.  To expedite our processes, prior to being given a green light, we will process all Cadre, Student and Senior Member paperwork for the Encampment short of committing funds. 


Executive Cadre applications will close on April 18th.

Cadre applications close May 1st.​​


Note: if you are applying as a student or accepted to serve on cadre, please fill out and submit the following forms to cpadmin@txwg.cap.gov.​