Texas Wing Cadet Programs
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Important Documents:

Operations Plan
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Cadet Packing List
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Senior Packing List
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Application for CAP Encampment
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CAP Cadet Activity Permission Slip
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CAPF 160
CAP Member Health History Form
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CAPF 161
Emergency Information

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CAPF 163
Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet OTC Medication 
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Cadet Behavior Contract

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Register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/texas-wing-summer-encampment-2014-registration-11458750431?utm_campaign=order_confirm&ref=eemailordconf&utm_medium=email&utm_source=eb_email&utm_term=eventname  

Basic Cadets (first time attendees) must register by 15 Jun 14.  

2014 Texas Wing Summer Encampment

June 29 - July 6, 2014 (All cadets arrive on June 29)

Camp Swift, near Bastrop, TX.   Camp Swift is on Highway 95, midway between Elgin, TX and Bastrop, TX, east of Austin, TX.

Cadet Staff (assignments are subject to change)
Updated - 9 Jun 14 

Cadet Commander - C/Capt Alexander Lewis
Cadet Deputy Commander - C/Capt Kellin Tompkins
Cadet Executive Officer - C/Maj Jean Furter

Director of Training - C/Lt Col Graham Andre
Safety Officer - C/2d Lt Hudson Jaynes

Admin OIC - C/2d Lt Madison Comstock
Admin - C/SMSgt Analisa Rojas
Admin - C/MSgt Shaun Furter
Admin - C/TSgt Kaitlynn Kimbrough

Comm OIC - C/Capt Kara McRorey
Comm - C/2d Lt Caleb Carpenter
Comm - C/Brian Sirois

CQ OIC - C/2d Lt Alex Huff
CQ - C/CMSgt Carlos Palacio
CQ - C/TSgt Zach Lexa
CQ - C/TSgt Lucas Marlin
CQ - C/SSgt Dinah Gates

Firearms NCOIC - C/CMSgt Nolan Nisbet
Firearms - C/CMSgt Brandon McVean
Firearms - C/SMSgt Jordan Bosco

Logistics NCOIC - C/CMSgt Phillip Priebe
Logistics - C/CMSgt Figueroa William
Logistics - C/TSgt Noah Morris
Logistics - C/CMSgt Ben Lorenz

Medical NCOIC - C/SMSgt James Meaux
Medical - C/A1C Adam Williams
Medical - C/CMSgt Andre O. Simas
Medical - C/CMSgt Justin Mason
Medical - C/2d Lt Grace Morton

Mess NCOIC - C/TSgt Nathaniel Carpenter
Mess - C/SMSgt Daniel Lorenz
Mess - C/MSgt Luke Langlais
Mess - C/SSgt Greanead Christian
Mess - C/SSgt Bryce Pilawski
Mess - C/SSgt Nicholas Smith

PAO NCOIC - C/Rebecca Nolen
PAO - C/2d Lt Noah Ritter
PAO - C/SMSgt James Andrews
PAO - C/SSgt Willow Lanchester

SET OIC - C/2d Lt Jessica Bearden
SET - C/2d Lt Morgan Fletcher
SET - C/2d Lt Truitt Ladolce
SET - C/2d Lt Daniel Parlin
SET - C/2d Lt Laura Turpen

85th Squadron Commander - C/Capt Zachary Breton
85th Squadron First Sergeant - C/CMSgt Savannah Smith

Alpha Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Jacob Branum
Alpha Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Michael Parks

Bravo Flight Commander - C/2d Lt John Massey
Bravo Flight Sergeant - C/SMSgt John Brewer

Charlie Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Victoria Bearden
Charlie Flight Sergeant - C/SMSgt Margaret Flood

86th Squadron Commander - C/Maj Henry Malinoski
86th Squadron First Sergeant - C/CMSgt Johnathon Lindstrom

Delta Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Samuel Rogers
Delta Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Krill Golokhov

Echo Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Samantha Branum
Echo Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Alissa Dominguez

Foxtrot Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Emily Tutton
Foxtrot Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Kyler Hearn

87th Squadron Commander - C/Capt Bryson Mcloughlin
87th Squadron First Sergeant - C/CMSgt Trevor Williams

Golf Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Racheal Barkley
Golf Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Benjamin Turner

Hotel Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Catie Flood
Hotel Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Seth Grimes

India Flight Commander - C/2d Lt Joseph Regalado
India Flight Sergeant - C/CMSgt Michael Dondoyano

The Texas Wing will fully incorporate the new CAPP 52-24  CAP Encampment Guide.  The staff positions listed above reflect some of the changes contained in this document.

Cadets attending the encampment will need to complete the Cadet Behavior  Contract, CAPF 31, 160, 161, and 163.  Send a copy to the Admin Officer at blevesque@tlca-sa.com.  Seniors will need to complete a CAPF 31, 160, and 161.  Seniors will send a copy of their forms to blevesque@tica-sa.com.  All members will bring the original forms with them to in-processing.   DO NOT send these forms to Lt Col James D. Peace. 

Questions?  Please contact Lt Col James D. Peace, Texas Wing Director of Cadet Programs, at jamespeace@sheldonisd.com . 

One Wing, One Team, One PROVEN Standard of Excellence!

James D. Peace, Lt Col, CAP
Texas Wing Director of Cadet Programs


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