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Texas Wing,
Group III CAC is hosting an Airman Leadership School (ALS) on 21-23 September 2018 at Fort Wolters, Mineral Wells. The primary purpose of ALS is to teach cadets leadership skills, drill, customs and courtesies, and embrace the core values. Training is geared toward airman cadets including airman basics. Also, this is an opportunity to improve proficiency and training of cadet and senior staff.  This event will provide cadets and seniors an opportunity to network with other CAP members across the Wing.
Cost: $35 for Cadets and Senior Members

Location: Fort Wolters, Mineral Wells, Texas

APPLICATION DEADLINES:Cadet Commander: 22 April 2018
Executive Staff (Cadet Deputy Commander, Executive Officer, Lead Instructor, and Director of Training) 29 April 2018

1st Sergeants, Squadron Commanders, and Support Staff OIC's, Instructors: 6 May 2018
Line Staff (flight sergeant, flight commander) and Support Staff: 13 May 2018
Staff Listing will be by email and posted on Texascadet.org website. 


15 SEPT 2018


Cadet Commander: C/Capt Rebekah Baker
Cadet Deputy Commander: C/Capt Tomas Maldonado
Cadet Executive Officer: C/Capt Logan O'Brien
Cadet Director of Training: C/1st Lt Alyssa Kohler

Lead Instructor (Executive Staff): C/Capt Jacob Menear 
Instructor: C/CMSgt Kimberly Buchanan
Instructor: C/CMSgt Gabriel Iglesias
Instructor: C/CMSgt Ezekiel Joy

Safety OIC: C/Maj Joshua Reed
Safety: C/CMSgt Benjamin Guerrero
Safety: C/TSgt Jillian Hausken

101st Squadron Commander: C/1st Lt Nathan Smith
101st First Sergeant: C/TSgt Cora Stevenson
Alpha Flight Commander: C/2d Lt Cerise Cisneros
Alpha Flight Sergeant: C/CMSgt Colin Grant
Bravo Flight Commander: C/1st Lt Michael Huntsman
Bravo Flight Sergeant: C/CMSgt Nathan Emslie

102nd Squadron Commander: C/2d Lt Dylan German
102nd First Sergeant: C/MSgt Matthew McGee
Charlie Flight Commander: C/2d Lt Alexis Gonzalez
Charlie Flight Sergeant: C/MSgt Trieu Tan
Delta Flight Commander: C/1st Lt Christopher Rickabaugh
Delta Flight Sergeant: C/SSgt Sarah Wiggington

SET OIC: C/2d Lt Samantha Castrejon
SET: C/2d Lt Jaden Garrison
SET: C/2d Lt Alexander Thornburg
SET: C/TSgt Charley Thomas

PA OIC: C/Capt Samuel Golfarb
PA: C/Capt Christopher Schramko
PA: C/TSgt Anna Attaway
PA: C/SMSgt Madelyn Guidry

Medical NCOIC: C/CMSgt Isabel Castrejon
Medical: C/CMSgt Thomas Hyles
Medical: C/MSgt Isabel Hutchings

Admin/Logistics OIC: C/1st Lt Calvin Castillo
Admin/Logistics: C/CMSgt Ethan Cray
Admin/Logistics: C/SMSgt Timothy Smith
Admin/Logistics: C/MSgt Ashton Kitchens
Admin/Logistics: C/SSgt Christopher Marshall

Mess OIC: C/2d Lt Hannah Chandler
Mess: C/CMSgt Bryce Ballard
Mess: C/CMSgt Gabriel Carpenter
Mess: C/A1C Caleb Smith

Comms NCOIC: C/CMSgt Max Brown



Policy for Posting to the ALS Page


If you would like your ALS posted to this page, please make sure that you have an operations plan, a budget (with how your students and staff will pay), a transparent staff application process, the exact verbiage that you want posted to the page, and at minimum 90 days notice of the ALS. Please send your information to both  for posting. 

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