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If you would like your ALS posted to this page, please make sure that you have an operations plan, a budget (with how your students and staff will pay), a transparent staff application process, the exact verbiage that you want 
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Group V ALS Spring

(Updated 2 May 19)

STUDENTS: Scan and email your CAPF 31 signed by your squadron commander and CAPF 163 to rreed@txwgcap.org. You are required to submit a CAPF 31 to be able to attend this event.

Group V is hosting an Airman Leadership School (ALS) on 10-12 May 2019 at Lackland AFB, ALS facilities.  The primary purpose of ALS is to teach cadets leadership skills, drill, customs, and courtesies, and embrace the core values.  Training is geared toward airman cadets including airman basics.  Also, this is an opportunity to improve proficiency and training of cadet and senior staff.  This event will provide cadets and seniors an opportunity to network with other CAP members across the Wing. 

Cost: $45 for Cadets and Senior Members

Location: Lackland JBSA   San Antonio, TX

Contact:  Lt Col Randy Gibbon

                 Tel: 210-669-0267

                 Email: gibbonrl73@gmail.com

C/Lt Col Joshua Reed has been selected as Cadet Commander for the Group V ALS.  The Executive Staff Selections and all Cadre applications are now open.  Applications will be accepted from Group V Cadets first.  A listing of all positions is posted below:


Cadet Commander:  C/Lt Col Joshua Reed                   Commander: Lt Col Randy Gibbon

Deputy Commander: C/Major Nick Sullivan                  Deputy Commander: Major Chris Baker

Executive Officer: C/Capt Aiden White                         Executive Officer: Capt Roger Reed

Advisor to the Commander: C/Lt Col Jack Baker           Admin: Capt Ralph Cisneroz

Lead Instructor: C/Lt Col Amanda Ringo                      Logistics: 1st Lt Nita Larson

Instructor: C/2nd Lt Johnpaul Stolle                            A Training Officer: 2nd Lt David Bain

Instructor: C/1st Lt Lee McDonald                               B Training Officer: 2nd Lt Jerrod Brown

                                                                               C Training Officer: MSgt Frank Barnes

First Sergeant: C/CMSgt Katie Whearley

A Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Hannah Denison

B Flight Commander: C/Capt Christopher Schramko

C Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Zoie Denison

A Flight Sergeant: C/SSgt Nicholas Brown

B Flight Sergeant: C/CMSgt Frida Chavez

C Flight Sergeant: C/CMSgt David Nuttall

Admin OIC: C/CMSgt Robert Hartline

Admin Assistant: C/MSgt Ruth Watts

Admin Assistant: C/TSgt Jose Requena

Logistics OIC: C/2nd Lt Jared Davidson

Logistics Assistant: C/SMSgt Joseph Cisneroz

Logistics Assistant: C/TSgt Avery Hodges

PAO OIC: C/SMSgt Charles Westphal

PAO Assistant: C/CMSgt Bethany Larson

PAO Assistant: C/SSgt Alex Franco

Safety Officer/NCO: C/2nd Lt Ralph Cisneroz III



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