Group III ALS​

Group III CAC is hosting an Airman Leadership School (ALS) on 23-25 February 2018 at Fort Wolters, Mineral Wells. The primary purpose of ALS is to teach cadets leadership skills, drill, customs and courtesies, and embrace the core values. Training is geared toward airman cadets including airman basics. Also, this is an opportunity to improve proficiency and training of cadet and senior staff.  This group level event will provide cadets and seniors an opportunity to network with other CAP members across the Wing.
Cost: $35 for Cadets and Senior Members

Location: Fort Wolters, Mineral Wells, Texas

Line Staff and Support Staff applications are due by
5 January 2018 

Staff Application

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2018 Group III Executive Staff.

The executive staff is as follows:
Cadet Commander- C/Capt Emelia McLaughlin
Cadet Deputy Commander- C/Capt Danielle Franzen
Cadet Executive Officer- C/Maj Owen Shortt
Lead Instructor- C/2d Lt Cerise Cisneros
Director of Training- C/Capt Amanda Ringo​

Line Staff:

1st Sergeant- C/SMSgt Noah Kelley

Alpha Flight Commander- C/1st Lt Andrew Yalcin

Alpha Flight Sergeant- C/SMSgt Savannah Lawrence

Bravo Flight Commander- C/2d Lt Gabby Lancaster

Bravo Flight Sergeant- C/MSgt Gabriel Iglesias

Charlie Flight Commander- C/2d Lt Sam Castrejon

Charlie Flight Sergeant- C/SMSgt Jonathan Jones


C/2d Lt Dylan German

C/1st Lt Sam Goldfarb

C/2d Lt Josh Socias

Support Staff:

Mess OIC- C/2d Lt Rickabaugh

Mess- C/MSgt Guererro

Mess- C/TSgt Guidry

Medical OIC- C/CMSgt Morgan Jones

Medical C/CMSgt Isabel Castrejon

Admin/Logistics OIC- C/Capt Dava Flowers

Admin/Logistics- C/TSgt Jeansonne

Admin/Logistics- C/SSgt Piper Loy

Admin/Logistics- C/SMSgt Kevin Sirois

PAO OIC- C/Capt Emily Smith

PAO- C/SSgt Dejana Bukovac

PAO- C/SSgt Trieu Tan

Group IV ALS​

I'm excited to announce that the Cadet Student Applications for the Group IV ALS are now open. The ALS is scheduled for 10 Feb 2018 with a Staff Training Day on 9 Feb 2018. 

Cadet staff applications are now Closed.

Location: Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base. 10211 Greig Avenue, Houston, TX 77034
Cost: $25 for students and $15 for Cadet Staff. This will cover shoulder cords, course materials, and administrative cost.

Link for student registration:

Student registration applications are due by February 1st

Please bring completed CAPF 31, CAPF 160, CAPF 161, & CAPF 163 to the event with you. 
There will be a maximum of 45 ALS students. Make sure you apply on time.

If you have any questions, contact any of the Group IV CAC Staff.

Cadet Staff
Cadet Commandant: C/Capt Amanda Ringo
Deputy Commander: C/CMSgt Joshua Socias
Executive Officer: C/1st Lt Andrew Yalcin
Director of Training: C/1st Lt Samuel Goldfarb
Safety Officer: C/Maj Ian Harrison

Lead Instructor: C/Capt Rebekah Baker
Instructor: C/CMSgt Alyssa Burns
Instructor: C/MSgt Benjamin Stason

First Sergeant: C/MSgt Erik Jeansonne
A Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Ethan Cray
A Flight Sergeant: C/SSgt Erin Minton
B Flight Commander: C/2d Lt Matthew Koenig
B Flight Sergeant: C/SMSgt James Pryor
C Flight Commander: C/Capt Joshua Reed
C Flight Sergeant: C/CMSgt Johnpaul Stolle

Administration OIC/NCOIC: C/SMSgt Jared Davidson
Admin Staff: C/MSgt Oscar Sosa-Sereno
Admin Staff: C/SSgt Tucker Winkleman
Public Affairs OIC/NCOIC: C/Capt Logan O'Brien
Public Affairs Staff: C/1st Lt Christopher Schramko
Public Affairs Staff: C/A1C Christopher Marshall

ALS Advisor: C/2d Lt Dylan German

ALS Advisor: C/2d Lt Jaden Garrison

Project Officer: Eric Jordan

For those who were selected, congratulations! For those who did not, do not be discouraged! Please continue applying!

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