2019 Spring ALS Grp III Fired UP!!!

ALS Friday Evening Day 0
The Group III Airman Leadership School is officially underway!

Cadet Executive Cadre and Senior Staff began arriving around 1200, and the rest of the cadre and staff began to arrive soon after, enabling everyone to begin their final preparations with about 5 hours to go before student In-Processing.

Cadet Cadre was In-Processed, briefed on expectations, and given instructions on the flow for student arrival. Following the briefing, the Cadet Cadre positioned themselves accordingly.

Once the students began to arrive, Admin/Logistics worked together with Medical and Senior Staff to efficiently sign-in 65 students. Immediately after In-Processing was completed, the students were allowed into the barracks and proceeded to learn the basics of preparing their belongings for inspection the next day. The students also started studying their SOIs (Standard Operating Instructions) as soon as they finished arranging their belongings.

Heading back into the Dining Facility and Classroom, the cadets were introduced to their Executive Cadre and Senior Member Training Officers.  Then, the Cadet Safety Officer gave a succinct safety briefing for operational risk management purposes.  After the safety briefing, the Cadet Instructors passed out a pre-test to see how much the students know about CAP.  The first class, taught by C/Capt Marissa Hormell, focused on the importance and meaning of the Cadet Oath.

To conclude the day, the students were served a snack and transitioned to flight time. They completed the day with their first evening formation and proceeded into their personal time at 2045. It was lights out at 2115.

The entire staff convened for their evening briefing to review and discuss the events of the day and prepare for the next. 

“Every level of Cadet Cadre was motivated to accomplish the mission; regardless of the roadblocks along the way,” says C/Maj Maldonado, the Cadet Commander for the Airman Leadership School.

Article By:
C/CMSgt Benjamin Guerrero, PANCOIC
C/MSgt Cessabella Astraquillo, PAO
C/MSgt Brandon Chee, PAO
C/TSgt Justin Kim, PAO

ALS Saturday Part 1 - Day 1

The adventure continues with Training Day 1 of Group III Airman Leadership School!

Bright and early at 0545, the students woke up, changed into PT gear, and hurried outside for morning formation. After morning formation, the First Sergeants took control and led the flight in a fun but demanding series of exercises. After a quick water break, the cadets commenced the mile run. The flights braved not only the sweat but the weather. There was a slight drizzle, but everyone pushed onward and completed the run.

After heading indoors and receiving a welcome break from the weather, the cadets sat down for a nice, hot meal of breakfast burritos, provided by Mess Cadre.

The cadets then returned to the barracks and changed into ABUs/BDUs, readying themselves for the daily inspections of their barracks, where the flight staff assisted them in preparations. The cadets did an excellent job on their inspections!

After a transition to the Dining Facility (D-Fac) and Classroom, C/Maj Alyssa Kohler led the first class of the day, covering an informational introduction to Civil Air Patrol and its website, eServices, as well as some helpful study skills.

The cadets then split up into their respective squadrons, with the 103rd remaining in the D-Fac for a class, and the 104th venturing outside for drill practice. C/CMSgt Walter Costello and C/Capt Marissa Hormell taught the next class on the Core Values of CAP, first to the 103rd Squadron, then to the 104th when the squadrons swapped places. “The students were informed accurately and the presentation was straightforward,” said 2d Lt Shawn Marshall, Senior Safety Officer for the Group III ALS. Once the classes were complete, all cadets transitioned into a Group Leadership Project (GLP).

The GLP focused on the cadets working together as a team, instead of working individually. Their task was to write an essay about someone who is a leader to them, and each had to contribute at least one sentence. Dividing up into their flights, the cadets went straight to work. Ten minutes later, all four of the flights had come up with four incredible essays, each describing someone who they look up to as a leader. “I got to learn a lot about personal and group leadership through both the classes and through drill”, noted C/Amn Aaliyah Gonzales.

Finally, everyone sat down for a great lunch. But wait - there’s more in store at Group III ALS!

Article By:
C/CMSgt Benjamin Guerrero, PANCOIC
C/MSgt Brandon Chee, PAO

C/MSgt Cessabella Astraquillo, PAO

ALS Saturday part TWO - Day 1

The students’ journey continues forward!

After lunch, the cadets separated into their squadrons and started another round of classes.

C/Maj Alyssa Kohler taught the 103rd Squadron about the history, importance, and execution of customs and courtesies. Meanwhile, the 104th Squadron returned to the barracks for C/CMSgt Walter Costello’s class on uniform wear and care. Then, the squadrons switched classes.

CAP is full of opportunities, for both younger and older cadets. There are so many that they can be genuinely confusing. C/Capt Marissa Hormell cleared up the muddy waters with an “Introduction to CAP Opportunities” class.

After learning about customs & courtesies, uniforms, and opportunities in CAP, it was time for some fun. The cadets changed into their tennis shoes and went back outside for flight time, followed by an awesome game of ultimate capture the frisbee - 103rd vs 104th. “It was excellent...the student’s morale after ultimate capture the frisbee was incredibly impressive,” remarked C/SMSgt Jonathan Rollins, GSS.

Of course, running up and down a field will make one hungry. Once the frisbee game had concluded, the cadets went inside for a tasty lasagna dinner. Capt. Holub then presented the Feedback and Mentoring class. Finally, the cadets made the trek back to the barracks where they prepared for their final night at Group III ALS.

“The amount of planning is evident in the quality of the instruction by the instructors and you truly know that they are enabling the success of each cadet,” remarked Maj Mark Holub.

Article by:
C/MSgt Brandon Chee, PAO

ALS Weekend Wrap-Up

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