ALS 2017

ALS is an event in the Civil Air Patrol that prepares Airmen for future responsibility. By exposing the cadets to an environment in which they can learn, advance, and gain confidence they gain a better understanding of how the world around them works. 

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23 SEP 2017, the first day of Group III ALS at Fort Wolters officially begun. Participating basic cadets were greeted by a wave of intensity during in-processing, soon mobilizing into formation. This is where cadet staff came in. The flight line staff began drilling their cadets in basic drill, and prepared them for the next event of the day, PT. PT began with exercises including push ups, jumping jacks, and a run. Cadets are pushed to perform their very best, as flight staff and fellow flight members encourage and motivate them. After PT was completed, the basic cadets were marched indoors to begin classroom sessions.

You may be wondering,  how does an event like ALS become reality?  Cadet Captain Harrison took on the role as Cadet Commander and quotes, “[ALS] prepares for intensity, it prepares you to think on your feet, prepares you to plan ahead, to think of scenarios, to be cognitive- Even right now I’m listening to three other conversations so I know everyone’s doing their job.”

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23 SEP 2017, within a few hours, basic cadets have learned effective teamwork skills, drill, customs and courtesies, how to wear their uniform properly, and other valuable criteria. They pushed through both rigorous training and informative classroom sessions. Though a bit weary, most, if not all, cadets feel that their ALS experience has been worthwhile.

Cadet expressed an appreciation regarding their experience during the ALS. “I have learned more on what CAP entails. Its core values and what it intends on teaching with its program are endless. I also learned what encampment is going to be like. I really like how organized everything has been.” C/Amn Breese stated. C/AB Womack expressed, “A lot of the cadets are friendly, and the flight sergeants are doing a great job.”. And lastly, C/A1C Weaver conveyed, “I wanted to come because my unit commander and all of my senior members said “Go for it. It’ll be fun and you’ll enjoy it.”

The basics weren’t the only cadets learning from this experience. C/CMS Bibly, an instructor, revealed, “I’ve learned a lot about talking and how I can explain things better because what makes sense in my head doesn’t always make sense to them.” and C/SMSgt Jones, an administrator, voiced, “The people are the whole environment. Everyone was super nice and seemed to know one another while I didn’t. It was a little freaky at first, but then I got really into it.”

All of the cadets, staff and basics found this experience so far worthwhile. The purpose of ALS is made to open the minds of cadets to the wonders of CAP. It has done just that. And tomorrow, when the cadets go home to their families and squadrons, they will extend information and refined ability that they can use to better the cadets of the future.

Photo/Author credit:
PAO OIC C/SMSgt Adam Steele
PAO Assistant C/SrA Emma Herrington
PAO Assistant C/SMSgt Hosanna Johns

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