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Basic Flight School

Texas Wing Cadet Programs

The Basic Flight School focuses on sufficiently preparing cadets who wish to attend Powered Flight Academy.  Areas of instruction include Cockpit familiarity, weather briefings, communication on the radios, runway layout, selection, and patterns, checklist proficiency, and emergency procedures. Learning these critical skills ahead of time will enable cadet students attending PFA and Wings to focus more on learning to fly.  Cadet orientation flights will not be offered. 

DATES: 15-16 April 2023
LOCATION: Fort Wolters and Mineral Wells Airport
SCHOOL DIRECTORS: Capt Becky Kegley & Maj Lana Holub

Cadet Staff PositionNameSenior Staff PositionName

DirectorCapt Becky Kegly
Maj Lana Holub
Lead Instructor
C/Capt Nathan Sisson
C/Maj Colin Agor
C/1st Lt Nathaniel Jennings
C/TSgt Aleksander Berry
Pilot InstructorCol Joe Smith
Lt Col Harriet Smith
Lt Col James Bloomberg
Lt Col Lionel Jenkins
Capt Gary Kegley
Capt John Roberson