Spring 2018 Retreat
I am pleased to announce that we are holding our 2nd annual CAC retreat at Camp Bullis on the 4-6 of May! 

For Representatives, this will be our 2nd of 3 wing face-to-face's that we have planned for the year. It is imperative that you attend. If there are predetermined conflicts I ask that you please contact me before April 1st so that I can begin activity planning. 

I am also thrilled to announce that this event is open to both squadron representatives and to any CAC members who are interested in but not affiliated with the CAC. We have some fantastic activities planned and I encourage you to raise awareness for our program as well as support our current staff in making change in the program. 

Save the date! I look forward to seeing you all there. 

Fall 2017

The TXWG Cadet Advisory Council hosted a CAC retreat! There will be meeting minutes and an after-action report posted soon. This was a fantastic activity for the CAC staff, and much was accomplished! 

We plan to hold another in the spring, so keep yourself updated on texascadet for event dates!

Although this activity is primarily meant for CAC members, it not strictly limited to CAC staff. Any cadet or senior member who wishes to contribute is welcome, as long as they are in compliance with payment and paperwork.

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