CAC goes to the Capitol! 


The Texas Wing CAC is pleased to present the 2018 Cadet Advocacy Conference! The program is limited in slotting, and is currently only open for applications from the incoming and outgoing CAC staff.

Program Highlights!

Group CAC staff will focus on developing the leadership skills that create a successful group CAC. Be prepared to learn how to manage meetings and squadron representatives, complete proposals, and work together with other WCAC staff to make this term the best yet!

Group staff is encouraged to come prepared with ideas for things to change in the cadet program. This conference is the place to have WCAC staff hear your voice directly and develop creative solutions to the issues that you bring to the table.

All participants will be able to attend CAC activities held at the state capitol in Austin, including a live meeting, an awards and change of command ceremony, and a presentation from an amazing guest speaker,  Shayla Rivera. This activity will be a great opportunity to network with and work alongside cadets from across the wing.

About our Speaker:

Shayla Rivera is an Aerospace Engineer and former Rocket Scientist with NASA. She expanded her career to becoming a corporate trainer and Standup Comedian.  Now she is a sought after Keynote Speaker, TV Host, Emcee/Host, TEDX Speaker, Humorist, Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer, Seminar Facilitator and Panel Moderator and much more. Click here to see her TEDX speech! 

The event will take place on the weekend of September 28th - 30th 2018. Please see the
operations plan for more details. 



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