Cadet advisory Council

What is CAC

Even the best commander can not see and know everything affecting their unit. They rely on staff, subordinate commanders, members in the field, and the CAC to enlarge their perspective so they may make informed decisions. CAC work is important work.
If a CAC provides good, sound advice to their commander, they are a successful council. Whether that advice is explicitly followed is no matter because they will have fulfilled their responsibility to serve their commander and the Cadet Corps.

CAC Goals

“Provide an organization where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels.”
In their home squadron, a cadet’s leadership experience is limited to local concerns and is mostly tactical in nature. CAC service is an opportunity for cadet officers to develop a more extensive approach to problem-solving and a broader perspective on CAP issues. By influencing decisions that affect multiple squadrons, wings, or CAP as a whole, cadets are introduced to the strategic arena of leadership and develop long-term goal-setting and indirect leadership skills.
2. “Aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program.”
The CAC provides a venue where the unit commander may gain a thoughtful perspective, representative of the Cadet Corps, on matters involving cadets. CACs work for their echelon commander; therefore, senior leaders may task councils with examining cadet-related topics of interest to the commander. Conversely, the CAC is also a cadet forum where cadets may discuss their CAP experiences, work together toward mutual goals, and use their collective insight to help the commander gauge the effectiveness of the local Cadet Program.
3. “Make recommendations for improving and running the Cadet Program.”
As an advisory body, the CAC affords cadet officers opportunities to assist the echelon commander in leading the Cadet Corps. CAC representatives examine cadet-related issues, develop a consensus, craft well-reasoned recommendations in writing, and forward them to their commander for his or her consideration. CAC service is a great way for cadets to enhance their oral and written communication skills. And while the CAC has no authority to implement policy, when its members speak persuasively and in unison, the council can influence senior leaders and help improve the Cadet Program and CAP.


CAC Election Results

Texas Wing is pleased to announce the newly elected 2017 - 2018 Texas Wing Cadet Advisory Council (CAC).
 - Wing CAC Chair
 - Wing CAC Vice Chair
 - Wing CAC Recorder

Thank you to all of those who ran, CAC would not exist without passionate Cadets.

CAC Feedback