Texas Wing Cadet Programs


NCOA is the foundation of the CTEP program.  It is the first of four schools designed to instill and grow leadership qualities and standards in CAP cadets.  NCOA focuses on the junior NCO ranks from C/SSgt – C/MSgt.  Primary teaching is structured around developing what it truly means to be an NCO based on Air Force traditions and the Learn to Lead books.  Students will learn the necessary skills of leadership and the art of utilizing it effectively.  With that knowledge, cadets will understand what the true NCO is and the fundamentals of teamwork.  To conclude the class and prepare them for the future trials ahead, the students will discover the mental aspect required to effectively utilize the leadership qualities they have gained in the school.  Multi-tasking, time management and effective communication are crucial to their future success in CAP.  This school prepares them to be effective leaders in both their personal lives and those around them. 


Read “Heirpower! 8 Basic Habits of Exceptionally Powerful Lieutenants"
(http://www.ncsas.com/media/cms/Heirpower_Vasquez_71F97506A2CDF.pdf) and write an essay over why one of the eight habits is essential for an executive leader to accomplish his/her mission.  
500 word minimum.

Write an After Action Report for the last Encampment you attended.  
One page minimum.

You are the cadet commander of an encampment, write an email to your staff both setting your expectations of them and inspiring them to do their jobs 110%.


​Write an essay on what Leadership qualities make a good SNCO.  
250 word minimum.

​Write an essay discussing your leadership philosophy: the guidelines, precepts, and background that govern your leadership. 
5 paragraphs (Introduction, conclusion,  and 3 body paragraphs). 

Senior Non-commissioned
​Officer School ) SNCOA

C/MSgt - C/CMSgt

​Officer School ) NCOA

C/SSgt - C/TSgt

(C/SrA with Encampment Credit)

Cadet Command Staff College (CCSC)
​Region Cadet Leadership School - Part 2

C/Capt - C/Col

The Cadet Command Staff College is the last school in the CTEP progression. It takes cadets at the strategic level and teaches them the skills to plan and execute a wing level event such as an encampment. They begin with creating their vision and mission statement for their an encampment and then spend the weekend planning for an upcoming encampment. Many times the ideas that they come up with are implemented into an actual encampment. This school is also a requirement if cadets want the teach at CTEP in the future. 

Officer Training School (OTS)

Region Cadet Leadership School - Part 1

C/2d Lt - C/Capt

(C/CMSgt sitting time in grade for Mitchell - however, officers will be placed ahead of NCOs)

The Senior Non-commissioned Officer Academy is designed to provide an environment based on the Learn to Lead curriculum. The mission of the school is to prepare Senior Non-Commissioned Officers for leadership positions within Civil Air Patrol as well as in the community. SNCOA focuses on professional communication (i.e. public speaking, writing, and business communication) as well as the human elements of leadership, practical Senior NCO skills, critical thinking, and the transition to officership. The goal of SNCOA is to enhance cadet training to encourage them to function mentally and physically on a much higher level than expected of them. This is done through physical activity, rigorous homework assignments, teaching tools, leadership forums, and classroom presentations. Prior to attending SNCOA students are expected to have a firm understanding and knowledge of the CAP Cadet Program, as well as the basics of public speaking and formal writing. 

The CTEP Leadership School is made up of four different cadet schools and one senior member school. The Cadet Training & Education Program is designed to take cadets as they progress through the program and give them both the knowledge and skills to lead cadets at their level of responsibility. The four schools are taught by cadets that have graduated the final school, the Cadet Command and Staff College. The Training Leaders of Cadets program (TLC) is a senior training activity that focuses on individuals who work with the Cadet Program. TLC students will receive credit for the Training Leaders of Cadets program. Each composite and cadet squadron is required to have at least two TLC seniors.

Important Information

Spring CTEP


Officer Training School is the third school in the Cadet Training & Education Program as well as the first part of the Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS). OTS is a Texas Wing leadership school that introduces new cadet officers to their new role both at their local squadron and at activities (such as encampment). Students Learn how to effectively manage a small group of people, serve as a staff officer, and gather tools to help them effectively plan and manage their squadron meeting. The instruction given in class is coupled with team leadership projects and planning activities that provide cadets a way to apply what they have learned during their training.