120th Squadron

Hotel (Navy blue)

 - Flight Commander

 - Flight Sergeant

- Training Officer

Intermediate Squadron

Below is a list of cadets accepted to encampment and which flight they will be a member. Please check the list for your or your cadet's name. If you are not on the list and you you believe that you should be, please contact us at cp@txwgcap.org

* Next to Name denotes Lack of Promotion to Cadet Airman and Potential Non Attendance at Summer Encampment
+ Next to Name denotes Lack of Payment Completing - Please contact cp@txwgcap.org to get a payment method

# Next to Name denotes Lack of Paper Work - Please mail CAPF 31 & 163

Delta (Green)

india (Gold)

119th Squadron

yankee green)

zulu (green)

Foxtrot (Purple)

Bravo (blue)

121St Squadron

Alpha (red)

golf (maroon)

Charlie (yellow)

Echo (Orange