Day 6: 1/4/20
Day 0: 12/29/19
Day 5: 1/3/20

Winter encampment 2019 news

Day 2: 12/31/19
Cadre Training DayS: 12/27/19 - 12/28/19
Day 4: 1/2/20
Day 1: 12/30/19
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Special thanks to our 2019 TX WG Winter Encampment Public Affairs team:
C/2d Lt Joel Smith                     Director of Public Affairs
C/1st Lt Logan Williams           Photographer
C/1st Lt Shelby Williams          Historian/Photographer
C/2d Lt Denley Astraquillo     Historian/Photographer
C/2d Lt Grayson Craig              Photographer
C/CMSgt Hunter Gulick            Photographer
C/CMSgt Leighton Hill             Photographer
1st Lt Wendy Cameron             Mentor
Day 3: 1/1/20