CommanderLt Col Phil Kost
Executive OfficerCapt Sarah Heitzmann
CommandantLt Col Jane Smalley
Chief Training OfficerMaj Forest Allen
SafetyMaj Jeff Ellison
SET MentorCapt Danielle Lamphear
ChaplainMaj Don Howe

107th Squadron Training Officer1st Lt Roger Reed
A Flight Training Officer
FO Brandon McVean
B Flight Training OfficerCapt Kellen Tompkins
C Flight Training OfficerCapt Jessica DeAngelo

108th Squadron Training OfficerCapt Becky Postma-Kegley
D Flight Training Officer

SM Mandy Parker

E Flight Training OfficerTFO James Meaux
F Flight Training OfficerFO Erica Miller

109th Squadron Training OfficerCapt Ann Bailey
G Flight Training Officer
1st Lt Matthew Sturm
H Flight Training OfficerSM Bill Diaz
I Flight Training OfficerCapt Jessica Parsons

​Floating Training OfficerCapt David Applewhite
​Floating Training Officer1st Lt Gregory LcClerc
​Floating Training Officer
1st Lt Stuart Moon

Administration Lt Col Nancy Smalley
Administration 1st Lt Jessica Allen
Administration Maj Stephen Shultz

LogisticsSMSgt Grover Haywood
MSgt Lewis Baker

TransportationMaj Daniel Fleming
Transportation2d Lt James Curry
Transportation2d Lt Gabriel Dominguez

Public AffairsMaj Robert Bowden
Public Affairs
Capt Meghan Parsons

Medical OIC1st Lt Jen Guillen
Medical2d Lt Matthew Parker
SM Russell Pritchett

1st Lt Bethany Hiller

Capt John Woolsey, Jr
FirearmsCapt Mike Marotta
FirearmsCapt Ralph Cisneroz

Communications Mentor
Communications Mentor

Senior Staff

Cadet Staff

Texas Wing Cadet Programs

CommanderC/Lt Col Laura Turpen
Deputy CommanderC/Capt Jackson Reed
Executive OfficerC/Maj Shaun Furter
Director of TrainingC/Col Kara McRorey
Deputy Director of TrainingC/Capt Mathias Gilliam
C/Capt Rebekah Baker
SET Commander
C/Capt Analisa Rojas
Command ChiefC/CMSgt Eleanor Clark

107th Squadron Commander
C/Maj Owen Shortt
107th 1st Sergeant

A Flight Commander

A Flight Sergeant

B Flight Commander

B Flight Sergeant

C Flight Commander

C Flight Sergeant

108th Squadron Commander
C/Capt Emily Smith
108th 1st Sergeant

D Flight Commander

D Flight Sergeant

E Flight Commander

E Flight Sergeant

F Flight Commander

F Flight Sergeant

109th Squadron Commander
C/Capt Luke Bainbridge
109th 1st Sergeant

G Flight Commander

G Flight Sergeant

H Flight Commander

H Flight Sergeant

I Flight Commander

I Flight Sergeant

SET Member
C/Maj Anika Bohmer
SET Member
C/Capt William Zeek
SET Member
C/Capt Ian Lucas
SET Member
C/Capt Robert Atwood
SET Member
C/2d Lt John Herrera
SET MemberC/2d Lt Ethan Cray
SET Member
C/2d Lt Daniel Sosa
SET MemberC/CMSgt Cerise Cisneros
SET Member
C/CMSgt Jerry Bay

Administration OIC
C/Capt Emelia McLaughlin


Logistics OIC
C/2d Lt Dylan German

Logistics - Transportation
Logistics - Transportation
Logistics - Communications
Logistics - Communications

Public Affairs OIC
C/2d Lt Michael Dondoyano
Public Affairs 
Public Affairs 

Public Affairs 
Public Affairs 
Public Affairs

Medical OICC/Lt Col Warren Friedrichs

Mess OIC
C/1st Lt Logan O'Brien

General Support OIC
C/1st Lt Joshua Reed
General Support
General Support

General Support

Firearms OIC
C/Capt Ian Harrison

Winter Encampment Update 12 August 2017

​Good afternoon all, thank you for applying to the Texas Wing Winter Encampment 2017! This is a notice to inform all applicants that we have received a record 130 applications for about half that number of cadet staff positions. Because of these remarkable number of applications, unfortunately we will only be able to accept 50% of you for staff. 

​We expect to announce final staff positions around the 20th of August. That being said, if you do not receive a position, do not be discouraged because this is an extremely competitive encampment with many qualified applicants;  you are highly encouraged to apply again for Summer Encampment. I appreciate all of you taking the time to apply and being willing to come staff. Thank you once again.

On behalf of the Encampment Commander Lt Col Kost and the Executive staff, to quote High School Musical, “We’re all in this together.”

C/Lt Col Laura Turpen, CAP
Cadet Commander, TXWG Winter Encampment 2017.