Texas Wing Cadet Programs

Cadet Staff

senior Staff

Commander1st Lt Steve Gates
Executive Officer
Maj Joey McRorey
CommandantLt Col Jane Smalley
Chief Training OfficerMaj Randy Gibbon
SafetyMaj Jeff Ellison
ChaplainChap (Lt Col) Dale Climie

104th Squadron Training OfficerMaj Brad Rather
A Flight Training OfficerCapt John Hinch
B Flight Training Officer
2d Lt Aubrey Applewhite
C Flight Training Officer
2d Lt Lucas Burkes

105th Squadron Training OfficerCapt Kim Bemrose
D Flight Training Officer
‚Äč1st Lt Roger Reed
E Flight Training OfficerSM Ericka Miller
F Flight Training Officer

2d Lt Matt Parker

106th Squadron Training OfficerCapt Torre LoDolce
G Flight Training Officer1st Lt Bethany Hiller
H Flight Training Officer2d Lt Jessica Allen
I Flight Training OfficerSM Bradley McMillon

Intermediate Squadron CommanderCapt Forest Allen
Y Flight Training OfficerCapt Lee Guidry
Z Flight Training OfficerMaj Danny Carter

Floating Training Officer

SET MentorCapt Sarah Heitzmann

Administration Mentor
Lt Col Nancy Smalley
Administration Mentor
2d Lt Adam Muncy

Logistics Mentor
Capt Jordan Aasgaard

Transportation Officer
Capt Jordan Aasgaard
Transportation OfficerCapt Ralph Cisneroz

Communications MentorCapt Jordan Aasgaard

Public Affairs Mentor

Capt Mike Bernier


Capt Tommy Cruse

Medical OIC
1st Lt Jen Guillen
Capt Ann Bailey
SFO James Meaux

Mess OIC



C/Lt Col Nathan Paine
Deputy CommanderC/Lt Col Jacob Gaskins
Executive OfficerC/Lt Col Alex Durr
Director of TrainingC/Maj Victoria Bearden
SafetyC/Capt Jackson Reed
SET CommanderC/Maj Holly Fieglein
Command ChiefC/MSgt Joshua Bilby

104th Squadron CommanderC/Lt Col Warren Friedrichs
104th Squadron 1st SergeantC/SMSgt Josiah Lowe
Alpha Flight CommanderC/Capt Michael Parks
Alpha Flight SergeantC/SMSgt David Brisher
Bravo Flight CommanderC/Capt Joey Rosio
Bravo Flight SergeantC/CMSgt Austin Rather
Charlie Flight CommanderC/2d Lt Hunter Wright
Charlie Flight SergeantC/MSgt Trevor Pawley

105th Squadron CommanderC/Capt Shaun Furter
105th Squadron 1st SergeantC/MSgt Brittany Morelock
Delta Flight CommanderC/2d Lt Tomas Maldonado
Delta Flight SergeantC/SMSgt Matthew Morales
Echo Flight CommanderC/2d Lt Dylan German
Echo Flight SergeantC/MSgt Matthew Koenig
Foxtrot Flight CommanderC/Capt Owen Shortt
Foxtrot Flight SergeantC/CMSgt Matthew Pilgrim

106th Squadron CommanderC/1st Lt Jamie Phillips
106th Squadron 1st SergeantC/CMSgt Cerise Cisneros
Golf Flight CommanderC/2d Lt Ryann Rosenfield
Golf Flight SergeantC/MSgt Ethan Cray
Hotel Flight CommanderC/1st Lt Nathaniel Mars
Hotel Flight SergeantC/SMSgt William Woods
India Flight CommanderC/2d Lt Michael Dondoyano
India Flight SergeantC/TSgt Alyssa Burns

Intermediate Squadron CommanderC/Col Kara McRorey
Intermediate Squadron 1st SergeantC/CMSgt Collin Bussel
Yankee Flight Commander
Yankee Flight SergeantC/SMSgt Aramie Gordon
Zulu Flight Commander C/Capt Henry Vaughan
Zulu Flight SergeantC/CMSgt Hunter Spier

SET Member
SET Member
C/2d Lt Ian Harrison
SET Member

SET Member
C/Capt Jackson Baker
SET Member
C/2d Lt Robert Cato
SET Member

Administration OICC/2d Lt Sarah Turpen
AdminC/SMSgt Mason Jones
C/SSgt Benjamin Johnson
C/TSgt Samuel Hamilton

Logistics OICC/1st Lt Luke Bainbridge
LogisticsC/CMSgt Joshua Reed
C/2d Lt Calvin Castillo
C/TSgt Elizabeth Guillen
C/MSgt Samantha Castrejon

Transportation NCOICC/CMSgt Andrew Schwebach
C/MSgt Samuel Bolting
C/SSgt Isabel Castrejon

Communications OICC/1st Lt Garrett Hiller

C/TSgt Ethan Bolling
C/2d Lt Joseph Matthews

Public Affairs OICC/1st Lt Rebekah Baker
Public Affairs ReporterC/2d Lt Logan O'Brien
Public Affairs Photographer
Public Affairs PhotographerC/SMSgt Bethany Fischer
Public Affairs VideographerC/2d Lt Westin Kennedy
Public Affairs VideographerC/CMSgt Hannah Aasgaard

Medical NCOICC/SMSgt John Sirios
MedicalC/2d Lt Sam Regnerus
MedicalC/1st Lt Truitt LoDolce
MedicalC/2d Lt Averi Stegeman
C/2d Lt Kirkland Schramm

Mess OIC

MessC/CMSgt Tikki Martinez

C/SMSgt Jacob Alston
C/MSgt Joshua Neeley
C/SSgt Ezekiel Joy

Firearms OICC/1st Lt Alex Bazemore
FirearmsC/2d Lt Daniel Sosa
C/MSgt Jerry Bay
C/MSgt Daniel Keller

General Support Staff OICC/Capt Analisa Rojas
General Support Staff
C/A1C Austin Taylor
General Support Staff
C/A1C Nathan Emslie
General Support Staff
C/SMSgt Mercedes Guillen

Thank you to the 116 cadets that applied for the 83 available encampment positions. Congratulations to those that were selected for staff. You should hear from your OICs shortly. Thank you for taking your time to staff this upcoming encampment. We look forward to working with you all.