Fall CTEP 21-23 Oct 2022 - In Person 


Activity Director- Capt. Eric Opiela

Cadet Commander- C/Lt Col Bethany Larson

Ticket Prices:

CTEP Students $65.00

This ticket is for cadet students in NCOA, SNCOA, OTS, and CCSC.  Only purchase this ticket

if you have been notified that you have been slotted for attendance in a specific course.  

Do NOT purchase this ticket if you have not yet been slotted or are on a waitlist.

CTEP Cadre/Senior Staff $55.00

This ticket is for cadre/staff with a reduced rate in recognition of their volunteer status time

contribution serving on staff for the event.  Do NOT purchase this ticket if you are not on 


TLC Student $65.00

This ticket is for Senior students in TLC.  Only purchase this ticket if you have been notified that you have been slotted for attendance in a specific course.  Do NOT purchase this ticket

if you have not yet been slotted or are on a waitlist.

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 All Tickets required to be purchased by 1 Oct 22.


            JOTFORMS located on the right-hand side

                           of page up at the top.

The Fall 2022 CTEP CAP Required Forms process will be fully electronic.  Please do NOT bring paper forms to the activity except in extenuating circumstances.  You may save/download PDF copies of the forms to your computer for reference after completion.  The CAPF 60-81, upon submission will be automatically sent to your unit commander for approval/disapproval.  It is important that you correctly fill out your unit commander's name and email most TXWG senior members are firstname.lastname@txwg.cap.gov but verify in eServices prior to submission in the form so the approval process will correctly complete and follow up with your commander to make sure he or she responds to the approval email.  Cadets who are not yet of the age of majority (18) need to have your parent or guardian present while filling out the forms to affix their signatures as required.  If you have any questions or problems completing the forms email: eric.opiela@txwg.cap.gov.  Cadets be sure to cc: a parent or guardian when emailing.



Texas Wing Cadet Program Staff

On the weekend of October 21-23, 2022, Cadet Training and Education Program (CTEP) Leadership School and a Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) will be held at Texas Wing Headquarters, Nacogdoches, Texas.  The basic and intermediate levels of TLC will be offered.

Cadets wishing to go to NCOA must be C/SSgt and TSgt.
Cadets wishing to go to SNCOA must be C/MSgt, C/SMSgt and C/CMSgt.
Cadets wishing to go to OTS must be C/2d Lt, C/1st Lt and C/Capt.
Cadets wishing to go to CCSC must be C/Capt., completed Phase 13, and have OTS credit).

​​Important Information

OPSPLAN and Packing Lists


All forms required by 1 Oct 22.



Cadet Commandant- C/Lt Col Bethany Larson

Deputy Commandant- C/Major Eziekiel Joy

CCSC Lead - C/Lt Col Carmen Ashburn
CCSC - C/Lt Col Advika Srinivasan

OTS Lead - C/Capt. Jack Truly
OTS - C/Major Eliron Rosin

SNCOA Lead - C/1st Lt Nathan Sisson
SNCOA - C/1st Lt Arial Quick

SNCOA - C/2nd Lt Josiah Mayfield

NCOA Lead - C/Col Noah Compton
NCOA - C/1st Lt Ethan Kurland
NCOA - C/1st Lt Aditya Patel

Admin OIC - C/1st Lt Dylan Lafferty

Admin- C/CMSgt Daniel Negron

Food Service OIC - C/1st Lt Elianna Friedman

Food Service - C/CMSgt Abigail Joy

Food Service - C/CMSgt Reuben Smith

Logistics OIC - C/Lt Col Rushton Trees

Logistics - C/CMSgt Autumn Solomon  
Logistics - C/CMSgt Yonatan Friedman

Public Affairs OIC - C/1st Lt Talya Friedman 
​PAO - C/CMSgt Tyler Paul 

PAO - C/CMSgt Zack Smith

CTEP Senior Staff
Activity Director - Capt. Eric Opiela

Deputy Activity Director -Major Sarah Heitzmann

​TLC Director - Lt Col Randy Gibbon

Chaplain - Major John Rollyson

Safety - Lt Col Rick Woolfolk

Admin- Capt. Denise Longino

HSO- Major Gwen LeClerc

Facility Release- Lt Col Don Gulliksen

CCSC Mentor - Lt Col Stan Trull
CCSC Mentor - Major Lana Holub

OTS Mentor - Capt. Jeff Simmons
OTS Mentor - 2nd Lt Heather Brewer

SNCOA Mentor - Capt. Mark Chin
SNCOA Mentor - Major Gwen LeClerc

NCOA Mentor - Capt. James Meaux
NCOA Mentor - Capt. Wendy Cameron

NCOA Mentor- Capt. Christopher Crismon

TLC Instructor - Lt Col James Peace

TLC Instructor - Major Roger Reed

TLC Instructor - Capt. Laura Paul

TLC Instructor - Capt. Kim Fuller

TLC Instructor - 1st Lt Liza Smith

Public Affairs - 1st Lt Mario Negron 

Logistics - Capt. Nita Light

Food Service - Capt. Joe Friedman 

​Food Service - SM Shoshana Friedman