Texas Wing Cadet Programs


We are happy to announce the fourth cycle of the Noncommissioned Officer School (NCOS). This “Leadership Laboratory” is a hands-on learning course designed to practice leadership skills necessary for the NCO. Practicum includes conducting uniform inspections, leading Physical Fitness, learning to teach drill/ceremonies, customs/courtesies, and small group leadership practice.

Staff Training Day: 1 August 2023
Dates: 2-6 August 2023
Location: Fort Wolters, Mineral Wells

Requirements to attend NCOS as a student are:

1. C/SSgt-C/CMSgt
2. C/SrA with ALS or Encampment credit and unit Commander's approval
3. Successful completion of the CPFT (with one mile run)

Senior Staff

CommanderMaj Lana Holub
Deputy CommanderSMSgt Jack Koby
Senior Member Support LeadCapt Wendy Cameron
Support Assistant1st Lt Brandon Elliott
Health Services/SafetyMSgt Brian German
SFO Max Brown

Mess MentorCapt Becky Kegley
Chief Training OfficerLt Col Ed McFadden
Alpha Training Officer
Bravo Training OfficerTSgt Kenneth Daily
Charlie Training OfficerSMSgt Stephen Sims
Delta Training OfficerSSgt Ellen Coaten
Reserve Training OfficerCapt Joshua Taylor

Cadet Staff

Cadet CommandantC/Lt Col Anthony Migyanka
Force Support OICC/Lt Col Joseph Cisneroz
Curriculum and PlanningC/Capt John Rosenfeld
Deputy Commander for OperationsC/Capt Alexis Gonzalez
Chief Cadet Training InstructorC/1st Lt Emily Coaten
Chief Cadet Training InstructorC/1st Lt Nathan Halpin
Alpha Cadet Training InstructorC/2d Lt Naomi Lieberman
Bravo Cadet Training InstructorC/CMSgt Gabriel McComas
Charlie Cadet Training InstructorC/CMSgt Kaira German
Delta Cadet Training InstructorC/CMSgt Lennon Medina

Admin/PAO/Logistics Team LeadC/Capt Zeno Smith
Admin/PAO/LogisticsC/SSgt Andrew Newsome
C/CMSgt Abigail Joy
C/1st Lt Cassidy Daily
Mess OICC/CMSgt Dakota Weimar
MessC/CMSgt Matt McFadden
MessC/CMSgt Janie Sliger
MessC/CMSgt Hugh Lewis
Safety/Medical Team LeadC/Capt William Neylon
C/CMSgt Jacob Weisskopf
C/CMSgt Nathan Sliger
C/CMSgt Isabel Ortiz