NCsa Information

National Cadet Special Activities (NCSA) applications are now open!  If you wish to see what is available, please check out their website at Once you have decided which NCSA(s) is/are right for you, please see the instructions below for application procedures. Please read carefully, don't miss an important step that will keep you from going to your National Activity. 
NCSA Application Instructions
Some NCSAs have special application instructions, you will have to go to their individual pages for those instructions. For Most NCSAs, you will use the following application instructions.
1. You will need to go to CAP's eServices page at Login to your account. Applications open 1 December 20 and close 15 January 
2. Go to the Cadet Programs tab on the left side of your screen.
3. Select Registration and Payment  System from the menu.
4. Select the Create Activities Application button.
5. Go through each page of the application.
6. At the end when you review your application, we recommend that you save a copy to your computer.
7. Please fill out the
NCSA Supplement Google Form to be ranked for green lighting. Please remember that you will not be eligible for green lighting to national if you do not submit this form. This form will be used to rank cadets for green lighting for National Cadet Special Activities. The number of green lights is based on the number of cadets that apply for NCSAs in our wing. Each wing receives 10% of the cadets that apply for a NCSA as a green lighted or automatic yes for one of their activities. So if 100 cadets apply from Texas Wing, 10 get a green light. Others will be selected to based on national's ranking system, but the 10 green lights will get priority for one of their selected activities, not necessarily their first choice.
8. Please have you Squadron Commander go on to his/her eServices page at and go into their Event Administration under the Cadet Programs tab. They will need to choose Unit Approval on the left hand side and approve your application for it to go up to wing to be approved.
9. Please fill out the Google form no later than 1 February 2018. Slotting and approvals end on 15 February 2017.

Other Notes:

1. Squadron Commanders, please check prerequisites for these activities before approving applications. Some have age limits, some have requirements for upper level math, some require a great deal of special equipment.
2. If you REALLY want to go to a NCSA, apply for the less popular ones.
3. If you want to go to a NCSA but don't have the funds, start looking for scholarships or do fundraising at your squadron.
4. Remember that you can always apply and say no later if cannot go, but you cannot decide later to apply. There is no harm in applying for a NCSA. 
Questions? Feel free to email
The deadline for NCSA  - National Cadet Special Activities Application is 15 January 2020.  If you DO NOT APPLY ONLINE by this date, you will be placed at the bottom of the pile for applying late.