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Cadet Commandant- C/Col Skylar Henry

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CTEP Senior Staff
Activity Director - Major Lee Guidry

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Chaplain - Ch 

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Spring CTEP 18-20 March 2022 - In Person 


Texas Wing Cadet Programs is pleased to announce the Director for this Spring CTEP.

                          Major Lee Guidry

Texas Wing Cadet Programs is pleased to announce for this Spring CTEP.  

         C/Col Skylar Henry Cadet Commandant

                 Please continue to watch this page for updates. 


Cadre Applications Spring 2022: Applications CLOSE 21 Jan 22 12 noon

Peer Review Form for Cadet Cadre Spring 2022: CLOSE 21 Jan 22 12 noon

Senior Application Spring 2022: Applications CLOSE 21 Jan 22 12 noon

TLC Basic/Intermediate Spring 2022: Applications OPEN UNTIL CLASS FILLED


Texas Wing Cadet Program Staff

All CTEP attendees need to fill out the CTEP Attestation Form and the CTEP Plan of Return and bring these documents with you to CTEP to sign in. Please pay close attention to the options on the attestation form. Also, please make sure that you email your CTEP Paperwork to Lt Liza Smith via

Please be advised that in order to attend the Spring 2022 Cadet Training and Education Program (CTEP) March 18-20, 2022 you must complete one of the following measures to be in alignment with the Texas Wing, Civil Air Patrol COVID safety plan. 

All members are required to have completed one of the actions below:

Completed a COVID 19 vaccine series:  Personnel who have completed the vaccination series meet this standard.  “Completed” is defined as having received both doses of either the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, or the single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, 14 days prior to arrival at this event.

Receive a Negative COVID 19 test within three days of attendance: Members who cannot quarantine or who have not been vaccinated are required to be tested through PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) or a diagnostic Antigen Test, such as those preformed at CVS or Walgreens.  Please Note the Binax NOW® Home Test CANNOT be used as proof of testing as it is not intended to rule out positive or negative results. 
Personnel who plan on being tested should schedule their test NOW for the Wednesday or Thursday leading up to the event, as it generally takes 24 hours to return results. Do not wait to schedule this test the week of CTEP.    

Quarantine for 14 days prior to this event: Members who have not been vaccinated, or who are unable to obtain a COVID test may choose to quarantine for 14 days prior to this event.  “Quarantine” is defined as isolation of movement, i.e., remaining home with limited external person to person contact.  Members who attend public schools or are part of home school collectives, sports, church or other religious places of worship, etc. that meet in person CANNOT meet this requirement. Additionally, members who are quarantining CANNOT attend any CAP Activity in the 14 days prior to this event.

It is the intent of Civil Air Patrol to provide a safe learning environment for all its members.  Members are expected to adhere to all stipulated COVID mitigations, including the wear of a mask indoors and in large groups.  Members who are unable to wear masks should NOT attend this course due to the increased risk of COVID. 

Please make arrangements to ensure that you have met one of the above criteria.  Members who cannot, or have not, met one of the above actions, will not be able to attend the CTEP or TLC.

CTEP planning is continuing. We have submitted our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan to national headquarters for approval. As soon as it is approved, it will be posted in the Important Information section on the right for everyone to view. It will be important that everyone follows the requirements set out in the plan if attending the Spring 2022 CTEP. 

On the weekend of 18-20 March 2022 a Cadet Training and Education Program (CTEP) Leadership School and a Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) will be held at Texas Wing Headquarters, Nacogdoches, Texas. CTEP is a Wing-level activity that promotes standardization and enrichment of training at the NCO level and professional cadet education for cadet officers that focuses on taking your place among the cadet leaders of our Wing.

TLC is a senior training activity that focuses on individuals that work with the cadet program. TLC students will receive credit for the Training Leaders of Cadets program (both basic and intermediate courses).

Cadets and Seniors planning to attend this school must submit a CAPF 60-81, 160, 161, and 163 to () and pay via the
no later than 1 March 2022. Cadets and Squadron Commanders are strongly urged to go to the cadet programs website CTEP page to review the CTEP progression plan.

Applications for the Schools will only be accepted if the application is complete and signed by the commander as well as payment submitted. We have a limited number of spaces this year and will hold the schools to the limits set in the Ops Plan.

Cadets wishing to go to NCOA must be C/SSgt or above.
Cadets wishing to go to SNCOA must be C/MSgt or above.
Cadets wishing to go to OTS must be C/2d Lt.
Cadets wishing to go to CCSC must be C/Maj or above (or must be C/Capt. with OTS credit).

If you are seeking RCLS credit for attending the CCSC class, you must have attended an IN PERSON OTS to receive credit. The reason for this is because the virtual CTEP classes did not meet the required hours that RCLS credit requires. 

CAPF 60-81, 160, 161, and 163 should be submitted to Lt Liza Smith no later than TBD.

The following information must be included on the CAPF 60-81:

Seniors may apply for STAFF or TLC (Training Leaders of Cadets)
A parents' or legal guardians' signature must be included on all forms.
Squadron commanders should verify the school the cadet is asking to attend as well.
Be sure to include your CURRENT CAP grade (not the grade you think you will be in two months),

You must mail your CAPF 60-81, 160, 161, and 163 to at the address below:

Please do not send via a form of delivery that requires a signature. Also, if you are worried that your paperwork will arrive late, contact us via email at

Your payment is what holds your place for the CTEP.