Commandant of Cadets: C/Major Logan O'Brien

Deputy Commander of Cadets: C/Lt Col Amanda Ringo

NCO Advisor: C/CMSgt Nathaniel Melito

CCSC OIC - C/Col Chuck Baker

CCSC Asst - C/Lt Col Amanda Ringo

OTS OIC - C/Jackson Baker

OTS Asst - C/Matthew Koenig

SNCOA OIC - C/1Lt Calvin Castillo

SNCOA Asst - C/Capt Christopher Schrmako

SNCOA Asst - C/2Lt Alex Thornburg

NCOA OIC - C/Lt Col Joshua Reed

NCOA Asst - C/1Lt Marissa Hormell

NCOA Asst - C/2Lt Alexis Gonzales

Admin OIC - C/2Lt Sam Castrejon

Admin Asst - C/CMSgt Sarah Wigington

Admin Asst - C/MSgt Eliron Rosin

Logistics OIC - C/2Lt Isabel Castrejon

Logistics Asst - C/2Lt Ezekiel Joy

Mess OIC - C/2Lt Johnpaul Stolle

Mess Asst - C/MSgt Riley Vaughn

​Mess Asst - C/MSgt Bracy Bazil


CTEP Senior Staff
Activity Director - Maj Wendi Lamphear

Activity Deputy Director: Maj Ray Hicks

CCSC Mentor -  Lt Col Stan Trull
CCSC Mentor - Lt Col Randy Gibbon

OTS Mentor - Capt Roger Reed
OTS Mentor - Capt Lana Holub

OTS Mentor - 1Lt Matt Parker

SNCOA Mentor - Maj Chris Baker
SNCOA Mentor - Maj Joe McRorey

NCOA Mentor - Lt Col Don Gullicksen
NCOA Mentor - Lt Nick Lawerence

NCOA Mentor - 2Lt Wendy Cameron

TLC Lead Instructor -  Maj Natalie Franc
TLC Instructor -  Capt Ralph Cisneroz
TLC Instructor - 2Lt Iris Velezquez

Administration - Sm Liza Smith
Logistics - Capt Gwen LeClerc
Mess - 1Lt Bethany Hiler
Chaplain -

Eventbrite link now active for CTEP/TLC students

CTEP Spring 2019

The 2019 Texas Wing Spring CTEP/TLC will be conducted on 8-10 March 2019 at Texas Wing Headquarters in Nacogdoches. 

The Cadet Training and Education Program is made up of four different leadership schools designed to assist cadets as they progress through the cadet program. These courses give cadets both the knowledge and skills to lead cadets at their level of responsibility. 

The Training Leaders of Cadets course is the premier venue for Cadet Program Officers to learn how to become better mentors to cadets and how to become effective managers of cadet/composite squadrons. The basic and intermediate course will be covered. All senior members need to have completed TLC prior to serving on staff. 

Please be aware that this weekend is the same weekend as the March SAT test. 

Thank you!

Important Information

Operations Plan

Packing List - Cadets

Packing List - Seniors



CAPF 160

CAPF 161

CAPF 163


(SNCOA) please bring a laptop if possible

CCSC students bring homework to CTEP
​(laptop required)