Cadet Staff

CommandantC/Lt Col Ezekiel Joy
Deputy CommandantC/Maj Daniel Sada
Executive OfficerC/1st Lt Emily Coaton
SafetyC/1st Lt Charles Peters
CCSC LeadC/Col Noah Compton
CCSC InstructorC/Col Carmen Ashburn
OTS LeadC/Maj Aoife Bridgeman
OTS InstructorC/Capt Benjamin Guerrero
SNCOA LeadC/Capt Elijah Todd
SNCOA InstructorC/Maj Michael Stalnaker
NCOA LeadC/Lt Col Advika Srinivasan
NCOA InstructorC/Lt Col Rushton Trees
AdministrationC/Lt Col Joseph Cisneros
AdministrationC/CMSgt Abigail Joy
MessC/CMSgt Elias Joy


C/2d Lt Cooper Eastman
MessC/CMSgt Christian Ebel
LogisticsC/2d Lt Naomi Lieberman
C/CMSgt Reuben Smith
C/CMSgt Yonatan Friedman
C/2d Lt Saipraynay Indurti
C/CMSgt James Ledbetter
C/1st Lt Zeno Smith
Public AffairsC/CMSgt Zack Smith
Public AffairsC/2d Lt Caleb Netz

Important Information

Operations Plan

CCSC Homework

OTS Homework

SNCOA Homework

NCOA Homework

Cadet Programs is transitioning to the new wing website. We hope to have everything replicated there shortly.

Spring CTEP

Senior Staff

DirectorMaj Sarah Heitzmann
Deputy DirectorLt Col Phil Kost
Executive OfficerCapt Roman Vitanza
ChaplainCh (Lt Col) Nancy Smalley
SafetyLt Col Jeff Ellison
CCSC MentorLt Col Jane Smalley
CCSC MentorCapt Joshua Taylor
CCSC MentorCapt Matthew Parker
OTS MentorMaj Lana Holub
OTS MentorLt Col Steven Priest
OTS MentorCapt Jeffrey Simmons
SNCOA MentorMSgt William Holloway
SNCOA MentorCapt James Meaux
SNCOA Mentor2d Lt Martin Oshea
NCOA MentorSSgt Ellen Coaton
NCOA MentorCapt Bethan Hiller
NCOA Mentor2d Lt Michael Campbell
TLC LeadLt Col Jedediah Taylor
TLC InstructorMaj Joe(y) McRorey Jr. 
TLC InstructorCapt Ivan Torres
Admin MentorLt Col Lori Noyes
Admin Mentor1st Lt Scott Wigington
Mess Mentor1st Lt Liza Smith
Mess Mentor2d Lt Kimberly Pete
Logistics Mentor

Capt Kimberly Bemrose

Logistics Mentor2d Lt Rodrigo Lopez
Public Affairs1st Lt Mario Negron
Public Affairs2d Lt Nikki Sliger
Health Services Officer2d Lt Zina Cowan

Texas Wing Cadet Programs

​​​​​​Director: Maj Sarah Heitzmann

Cadet Commandant: C/Lt Col Ezekiel Joy

​Sign-in for all staff and CCSC students will need to arrive by 1700 on Friday, 31 March 2023. All personnel should have all required ID cards when they sign in. Please report to Headquarters for Sign-In.  

All school participants must arrive for check-in between 1800 and 1900 hours on Friday, 31 March 2023. Cadets should report in wearing blues. Participants SHOULD EAT DINNER before they arrive. Bedtime snacks will be provided. Please report to Headquarters for Sign-In.

Classes will begin promptly at 1915 on Friday evening.

Graduation will begin promptly at 1100 on Sunday. All personnel are required to attend.

All questions can be directed to Maj Sarah Heitzmann or

The 2023 Texas Wing Spring CTEP/TLC will be conducted on 31 March - 2 April 2023 at Texas Wing Headquarters in Nacogdoches.

The Cadet Training and Education Program is made up of four different leadership schools designed to assist cadets as they progress through the cadet program. These courses give cadets both the knowledge and skills to lead cadets at their level of responsibility. To apply as an instructor, you must have graduated CCSC, RCLS or COS. To staff support, you must have completed the current school that you for which you are eligible. 

The Training Leaders of Cadets course is the premiere venue for Cadet Program Officers to learn how to become better mentors to cadets and how to become effective managers of cadet/composite squadrons. The basic and intermediate course will be covered. All senior members need to have completed TLC prior to serving on staff.

We are now accepting applications for: