Texas Wing Summer Encampment 2022

Updated 16 May 2022

17-26 - June Cadre and Seniors

19-26 - June Students

Update on Encampment 

Encampment has filled to capacity and applications are now closed. Flights will be updated and posted soon. Check back to see more information. Eventbrite is now closed. If you are a staff member or a basic that did not get CEAP, please contact Matt Parker at encampment@txwg.cap.gov to get access to pay via EventBrite. 

Update on Encampment Location

The encampment team has worked diligently to find a location comparable to Camp Bowie and are moving to Camp Maxey, Paris, Texas on the same dates, 19-26 June, 17-18 Staff Days. 

If you have any questions, please send them to encampment@txwg.cap.gov. 

Original Post

​Our 2022 Encampment Staff has worked diligently for the past 12 months planning the summer encampment.  They have investigated over 30 different sites, endless date options and some very creative thinking to ensure you an encampment worthy of Texas Wing, Unfortunately, the needs of the Texas Military Department take higher precedence than our training.  I am confident the team will try to find alternatives that meet our requirements and our expectations.

Please see the below notice from Major Jason Quick and the 2022 Encampment Executive Staff.


Col Bill Schroder

Commander, Texas Wing

Greetings Texas Wing,

On Thursday, the 2022 Summer Encampment Staff performed a site visit at both Camp Bowie and Fort Wolters, as 19 March 2022 marked the required 90 day booking date when we were allowed to secure them.  While there, we were informed that the Texas military Department scheduled a medical readiness drill that impacted our primary location at Camp Bowie.  As a result, this not only displaced us, but, created shift in movement of Texas National Guard units, which impacted our secondary location at Fort Wolters.  in short, despite planning and building in redundances, we have been forced to shift our encampment to an alternative location.

While I know that may cause some concerns, I assure you we will be successful in executing.  I invite you all to an Encampment Townhall Virtual Meeting on Sunday, April 3rd, from 1800-2000 so that we may answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this upcoming encampment.  


Meeting ID: 847 5792 4222

​Passcode: 755825

We are currently working on alternative avenues to ensure a successful summer encampment, and will continue to work diligently towards this goal.  As we pointed out this evening, my name is at the top of the list and as such shoulder the responsibility.  It is my intent to focus the efforts of one of the best encampment staffs I have had the honor of working with to ensure Texas Wing Cadets are offered an exceptional opportunity.


Major Jason Quick


Texas Wing Summer Encampment 2022

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