on this page you will be able to access the newsletters that the public affairs team is creating for this 2017 winter encampment. you will also be able to access the facebook page with the encampment posts and the page with all of the encampment photos that are taken throughout the day.
Day 2: 12/27/17

Winter encampment 2017 news

Day 4: 12/29/17
Day 1: 12/26/17

End of Encampment Update

‚ÄčThank you to all those that attended the Texas Wing Winter Encampment. We have posted encampment to national in e-Services. Please check your e-Services page to ensure that you have received credit for this latest encampment. If you have not, please e-mail texaswingencampment@gmail.com and give us your name and CAPID. Thank you.

The Texas Wing Cadet Programs staff would like to thank all of the cadets and seniors that gave a week of their time to come and work with cadets at encampment. We had an amazing crew and encampment was one of the smoothest we've seen.  We want to congratulate everyone on a job well done. 

Below is a list of the Honors for the Encampment as well as the list of Honor Cadets and Seniors that stepped up to the challenge and amazed their subordinates, peers, and superiors. 

Outstanding Line Staff C/MSgt Benjamin Stason
Outstanding Support Staff C/TSgt Tristan Nixon
Outstanding Senior Line Staff 1st Lt Mandy Parker
Outstanding Senior Support Staff 2d Lt Russell Pritchett

Alpha Flight Honor Cadet C/A1C Anna Stone
Bravo Flight Honor Cadet C/Amn Aiden Krech
Charlie Flight Honor Cadet C/A1C Jacob Smith

Delta Flight Honor Cadet C/Amn Sarah Wigington
Echo Flight Honor Cadet C/A1C Christopher Greco
Foxtrot Flight Honor Cadet C/Amn Charles Schumman

Golf Flight Honor Cadet C/TSgt Jason Flaming
Hotel Flight Honor Cadet C/CMSgt Garet Lipinski
India Flight Honor Cadet C/Amn John Hurd

107th Squadron Honor Cadet C/A1C Kameron Gentry
108th Squadron Honor Cadet  C/SMSgt Benjamin Guerrero
109th Squadron Honor Cadet C/SSgt Matthew McGee

Encampment Honor Cadet C/SrA Ryan Breese

Knowledge Flight of the Encampment Hotel
Drill Flight of the Encampment Alpha
Warrior Flight of the Encampment India
Honor Flight of the Encampment Hotel

Day 3: 12/28/17
You are able to download the encampment photographs in high resolution from the new website at:


follow to the southwest region and go through texas to Texas winter Encampment 2017 

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Texas Wing Cadet Programs
Day 5: 12/30/17