Addition (28 Oct 2018) Executive Staff descriptors

The following is considered the Executive Staff.  Other descriptors will be added on the Staff Page as developed.  Thank you for patience.

Cadet Executive Cadre Position Descriptions. The following are position descriptions for executive cadre members of the Cadet Training Group. These descriptions are not intended to limit or restrict action; they are merely presented to give general direction and background for each cadre position. The Executive Cadre consists of the CTG Commander, Deputy Commander for Operations, Deputy Commander for Support, CTG Superintendent, CTS Commanders, the Cadet Curriculum & Planning Officer, and the Advanced Training Squadron (ATS) Commander.

Cadet Training Group Commander. (CTG/CC) Leads the CTG in the implementation of the encampment program. He/she is responsible to the Encampment Commander for the overall encampment program. The Commandant of Cadets is the senior advisor to the Group Commander.

Leads the officers of the CTG, to ensure proper implementation of the encampment program.
The maintenance and consistency of training standards throughout the wing encampment program.
Serve as a role model and example for all the members of the Cadet Training Group.
Provides counseling services when appropriate.
Provide an appropriate forum for feedback and criticism of the encampment program.
Fostering cohesiveness, teamwork 
and unity of purpose within the unit.

Examples of tasks:
In consultation with appropriate senior staff, the selection of the Cadet Deputy Commanders.  Assists in the selection of qualified senior cadets for service at the group cadre level.  Approval of the Cadet SOP and its supplement(s) for each encampment.
Conducts the group inspection at all Texas Wing encampments.  In consultation with appropriate senior staff, supervises the creation and content of the encampment schedule.
Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations. (CTG/CDO) The Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations is primarily responsible for coordinating, controlling and directing the training activities of the CTG. The Deputy Commander for Operations is directly responsible to the Group Commander for the training and performance of all training personnel at the encampment.

Leads the training of all the training personnel at the encampment.
Direct supervision and evaluation of the performance of the Cadet Training Squadron Commanders. (Group level encampments only).
Adherence to the established cadet training schedule.
Compliance with the established encampment academic, physical fitness and training program.

Examples of Tasks:
Reviewing the schedule with the Squadron Commanders each evening for the following day.
Conduct the Group Training Meeting (GTM) and discusses training progress, the schedule or problems within the squadrons.  Monitors exams, physical fitness, and training events in order to define the level of effectiveness of training. Advises Squadron Commanders on areas needing attention.
Cadet Deputy Commander for Mission Support. (CTG/CDS) (formerly call XO) The Cadet Deputy Commander for Support is primarily responsible for coordinating, controlling and directing the support activities of the Cadet Support Squadron. The Deputy Commander for Support is directly responsible to the Group Commander. He/she works with the senior Deputy Commander for Support to coordinate the efforts of the senior and cadet support staffs.

Leads the support personnel at the encampment.
Direct supervision and evaluation of the performance of the Chief of Staff and Cadet Directors leading the support departments.
Adherence to the established cadet training schedule.
Compliance with the established encampment logistic, administrative and training program.

Examples of Tasks:
Oversees the encampment registration process for the CTG Commander.  Conducts personnel evaluations providing feedback 
on performance.  Assists in the selection of support personnel.  Supervises and approves production of the encampment newsletter.

(NEW) Cadet Support Squadron Chief of Staff (CTG/COS).  Directly responsible to the CTG/CDS.   The Chief of Staff is primarily responsible for the management and coordination of department operations of the Cadet Support Squadron. He/she works with all department directors to accomplish the support squadron goals.

•Communicates information effectively between support directors and the CTG/CDS.
•Problem solves with support directors as issues arise.
•Ensures the success of tasks of all departments in the Cadet Support Squadron.
•Direct supervision and evaluation of the performance of support cadre.
•Adherence to the established cadet training schedule.
•Supports the needs of the encampment.
•Reinforces the Cadet Deputy Commander for Support’s vision within the squadron.

Examples of Tasks:
•Acts as the liaison between the CTG/CDS and all directors.
•Manages the support communications hub.
•Oversees department needs/concerns and ensures task progress.
•Conducts conflict resolution when necessary, will include the CTG/CDS and seniors if problematic.
•Takes charge of the support squadron when the CTG/CDS is not readily available.

Group Superintendent. (CTG/SUPT) (formerly known  as a Command Chief) Mentors the cadet noncommissioned officers of the Cadet Training Group and ensures that they are thoroughly familiar with their duties and responsibilities. Addressed appropriate to his/her rank (Sir, Ma’am, Chief, etc.).

The Group Superintendent supports both the Command and the Commander of the CTG.
Purposefully acts in support to all specified and implied duties of the CTG Commander.
Directs the NCO Support Channel within the CTG and provides feedback and counsel to the Squadron First Sergeants regarding their effectiveness and performance as NCOs.
Oversees the welfare, discipline, development, 
and instruction of all individual students within the Cadet Training Group.
The Group Superintendent must maintain and reinforce the finest ideals and performance of the CAP Cadet. Set the example in all he/she does.
Enforces all applicable standards of conduct among students.
Inspects and evaluates all training progress of students.
Supervises the effectiveness of the encampment physical fitness program.
Provides feedback to the Group Staff regarding the effectiveness of the NCOs and advises the CTG Commander regarding all aspects of the training environment and command climate.

Examples of Tasks:
Personally, supervises the execution of the Physical Training Program.  Reinforce the image and performance of the NCO.  Takes notes during Group Inspections.  Ensures meals run efficiently; uses the First Sergeants to supervise students in the dining facility, enforce rules and discipline, and enable students to enjoy nutritious meals and stay hydrated.  Organizes the CTG Volleyball Competition and serves as the Chief Judge.  Is responsible for forming all Group formations; performs with flawless execution all formations and ceremonial duties.
Relieves the Group Executive Staff of any routine administrative or informational tasks.
Is responsible for the training of the Group Color Guard.

 Cadet Curriculum & Planning Officer. (CTG/XP) (formerly  call DOT) Manages the encampment’s instructional content. The CTG/XP works closely with the ENC/
XP, but reports directly to the CTG/CC. This position’s major functional areas include:

Examples of Tasks:
Investigating opportunities for tours, guest speakers, use of training facilities, etc., at the host facility.  Programming the curriculum so that the encampment exceeds the minimum required content.  Developing a plan of instruction for coordinating with the Enc/DO for tours, guest speakers, classroom facilities, etc.  Developing and maintaining the encampment schedule.  Creating a list of instructors (senior staff, cadre, or guests) for the courses; monitoring courses to ensure the students attain the learning objectives.  Facilitating the student, cadre, and staff end of encampment critique process.  Updating the CTG/CC and Enc/CC on the instructional progress.

 Cadet Safety Officer. (CTG/SE) A cadet should be assigned as an assistant to the Encampment Safety Officer. The primary role of the cadet safety officer is to study and mentor under the supervision of the Encampment Safety Officer and assist him/her with those duties. The Cadet Safety Officer will learn the primary functions of the Encampment Safety Officer and be given the opportunity to demonstrate skills in safety leadership, education and presentations. Cadet Safety Officers will provide liaisons between the Encampment Safety Officer and cadet command cadre. This position is limited to cadets in Phases III and IV.

Cadet safety officers will NOT act as the primary safety officer for encampment and will not be held responsible for tasks that are the primary responsibility of the encampment Safety Officer.

Cadet safety officers will be responsible for completing appropriate cadet safety officer training.

Cadet Training Group Commander (CTG-CC)

C/Maj Logan O'Brien

Cadet Deputy Commander of Operations (CTG-CDO)C/Maj Samuel Goldfarb
Cadet Dep Commander of Mission Support (CTG-CDS)C/Col J Andrew Fuller
Cadet Chief of Staff (CTG/CS)C/Lt Col Jackson Baker
Cadet Superintendent (CTG/SUPT)C/CMSgt James Pryor
Cadet Curriculum Planning Officer (CTG/XP)C/Col Chuck Baker
Cadet Safety Officer (CTG/SE)C/Lt Col Joshua Reed

Cadet Training Sqd Commander 116th ("X" CTS / CC)
C/1Lt Calvin Castillo
First Sergeant 116th ("X" CTS / CCF)
C/CMSgt Matthew MeGee
Flight Commander Alpha ("X" Flt/CC)
C/1Lt Justin Compton
Flight Sergeant Alpha ("X" CTS / CF)
C/MSgt Bracy Brazil
Flight Commander Bravo ("X" Flt/CC)
C/2Lt Jaden Garrison
Flight Sergeant Bravo ("X" CTS / CF)
C/TSgt Logan Williams
Flight Commander Charlie ("X" Flt/CC)
C/2Lt Colt Cameron
Flight Sergeant Charlie ("X" CTS / CF)
C/MSgt Noah Clampett

Cadet Training Sqd Commander 117th ("X" CTS / CC)
C/Capt Melina Peters
First Sergeant 117th ("X" CTS / CCF)
C/CMSgt Cody Hohertz
Flight Commander Delta ("X" Flt/CC)
C/CMSgt Emma Herrington
Flight Sergeant Delta ("X" CTS / CF)
C/TSgt Noah Compton
Flight Commander Echo ("X" Flt/CC)
C/2Lt Noah Kelley
Flight Sergeant Echo ("X" CTS / CF)
C/MSgt Skylar Henry
Flight Commander Foxtrot ("X" Flt/CC
C/2Lt Joseph Moon
Flight Sergeant Foxtrot ("X" CTS / CF)
C/MSgt John Hurd

Cadet Training Sqd Commander 118th ("X" CTS / CC)
C/1Lt Daniel Sosa
First Sergeant 118th ("X" CTS / CCF)
C/SMSgt Walter Costello
Flight Commander Golf ("X" Flt/CC)
C/1Lt Aiden White
Flight Sergeant Golf ("X" CTS / CF)

C/SMSgt Savannah


Flight Commander Hotel ("X" Flt/CC)
C/2Lt Trevor Pawley
Flight Sergeant Hotel ("X" CTS / CF)
C/CMSgt Sarunas Budreckis
Flight Commander India ("X" Flt/CC)C/2Lt Samantha Castrejon
Flight Sergeant India ("X" CTS / CF)
C/CMSgt Ryan Breese

Cadet Encampment Instructor
C/Lt Col Joshua Reed
Cadet Encampment instructor
C/Lt Col Jackson Baker
Cadet Encampment Instructor

C/Capt Christopher


Director of Administration (CSS/DA)
C/Capt Alyssa Kohler
Personnel NCO / Officer
C/MSgt Hannah Van Cise
Scheduling NCO / Officer
Admin AssistC/TSgt Anari Stubbs-Guerra
Admin AssistC/TSgt Matthew Threadgill
Admin AssistC/SSgt Ian Urquiola

Director of Logistics (CSS/LG)
C/Capt Matthew Koenig
Logistics NCO / Officer
C/2Lt Noah Shepson
Logistics Assist
C/SSgt Logan Cabrera
Logistics Assist (Transport)
C/TSgt Shelby Williams
Logistics Assist (Transport)
Logistics Assist
C/SSgt Greyson Craig
Logistics Assist
C/TSgt Zorin Stubbs-Guerra
Logistics Assist

Director of Public Affairs (CSS/PA)
C/Capt Christopher Schramko
Public Affairs NCO / Officer
C/SMSgt Nathaniel Melito
Historian NCO / Officer
C/TSgt  Connor Westphal
PAO AssistC/TSgt Garret Chapman
PAO AssistC/2Lt Isabel Castrejon
PAO AssistC/SSgt Jack Badder

SafetyC/2Lt Lee McDonald
SafetyC/SSgt Justin Ryan

Mess Assistn/a

Director Of Communications (CSS/COM)
C/Capt Kyle Clemet
COMM NCO / Officer
C/MSgt Joshua Smith
COMM AssistC/TSgt Charles Westphal
COMM AssistC/CMSgt Zeb Wright

Director of Medical (CSS/MED)
C/1Lt Hannah Chandler
Medical NCO / Officer
C/SMSgt  Isaiah Samuel
Medical AssistC/TSgt Benjamin Kelley

Quality Assurance OfficerC/Lt Col Lexi Kintigh
Quality Assurance Officer
C/2Lt Alex Thornburg
Quality Assurance Officer
C/Lt Col Amanda RIngo 

Senior Staff

Cadet cadre

Encampment Commander (Enc/CC)Maj Chris Baker
Dep Commander For Mission Support (Enc.CDS)Capt Roger Reed
Commandant of Cadets (Enc/CDC)Lt Col Stan Trull
Deputy Commandant of CadetsLt Col Rich Ferguson
Chief Training Officer (Enc/CTO)MSgt Jason Badder
Safety (Enc/SO)1Lt Chris Cardascia
Curriculum and Plans Officer (Enc/XP)

2Lt Wanda


Chaplain (Enc/CHP)Capt John Tillery

116th Sqd Senior Training Officer ("X" CTS/STO)Erica Miller, FLO
Alpha Flight Training Officer
John Hinch, Capt
Bravo Flight Training OfficerRick Hurst, 2Lt
Charlie Flight Training OfficerNickolas Stanislav, SM

117th Sqd Senior Training Officer ("X" CTS/STO)Jeneal Roland, Capt
Delta Flight Training Officer

Joshua Taylor, 2Lt

Echo Flight Training OfficerStuart Moon, 1Lt
Foxtrot Flight Training OfficerMaria Sisttani, Capt

118th Sqd Senior Training Officer ("X" CTS/STO)
Kim Bemrose, Capt
Golf Flight Training OfficerJohn Woolsey, Maj
Hotel Flight Training OfficerDavid Cavozos, SM
India Flight Training OfficerSM Shelby Ellison

Floating Training OfficerMSgt Barnes
Floating Training Officer
Administration Officer (Enc/DA)

CHoya Shannahan, LtCol

Admin AssistantLisa Smith, 2Lt
Logistics Officer (Enc/LG)rGrover Hayward, SMSgt
Transportation Officer (Enc/LGT)Wendy Cameron, 2Lt
Public Affairs Officer (Enc/PA)vacant
PAO AssistantTom Roach, 2Lt
Medical Officer (Enc/MED)1Lt Chris Cardascia
Mess Officer (Enc/MO)
Firearms Officer (Enc/FIR)
Historian Officer (Enc/HIS)
Communications Officer (Enc/COM)Leo Deckelmann, Maj

Encampment InstructorShana Cullum, C CMSgt
Encampment Instructor                            Rosalin Rider-Page, SMSgt
Encampment InstructorJames Peace, Lt Col
Encampment InstructorEric Boe, Col
Encampment Instructor
Chris Baker, Maj
Encampment InstructorRick Wolfolk, Col
Encampment Instructor
Roger Reed, Capt
Encampment Instructor
Stan Trull, Lt Col
VIPMaria J. Orlikoski, Lt Col, USAFR
VIPDonald W Callan, ALO, USAFA

 Winter Encampment Cadre (updated 16 Dec 2018)

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Maj Baker, Lt Col Trull, Capt Reed, C/Maj Logan O"Brien