updated 5 Nov 19

Student Application

Senior Application

Peer Review (for Cadre needing Peer reviews)

 ​Texas Wing Civil Air Patrol 2019

2019 Tx Wing Winter Encampment is underway at JBSA Lackland

27 Dec 2019 through 4 Jan 2020

Staff arrive 27 Dec noon

Students arrive 29 Dec  noon

Cost:  Senior/Cadre = $100;  Student = $160

I am asking that everyone submit their forms directly to 
cp@txwgcap.org.   Include forms CAPF 60-81, 163 in an email. You will bring hard copies with you (along with CAPF 160/161) to registration in December as well. You will be expected to show Form 160 and 161 on your person with CAP ID.   Reference the CAPP 60-70 for further information.

NOTE:  It is imperative to have correct Squadron & Group Commander and Parent signatures on Form 60-81 prior to acceptance.

Check packing list and plan ahead as well.

I would like to bring attention to the importance of your uniform and the proper wearing on Lackland Air Force Base.  Please ensure you have adequate uniform knowledge, insignia, and headwear.  Reference CAPM 39-1 for reinforcement.  This is an absolute privilege to hold our Encampment here and want us to leave a GREAT impression.​​​

Cadet Commander selected as C/Lt Col Alyssa Kohler.  Congratulations to her!