Texas Wing Winter Encampment 2022

Updated 31 July 2022

                             Update on Encampment Location 

We are currently reviewing locations for Winter Encampment.  Once we have a location locked in, we will update this webpage.

Applications for Encampment Commander and Cadet Commander have closed today.  We will be in the review process and post soon.  

Please continue to watch this webpage for updates.


Texas Wing Cadet Programs Staff


We will be providing three Menus: General, Gluten Free, and Vegan.  This will ensure all personnel have >3000 calories a day.  Please Note, personnel are expected to eat what is served as we will not be providing picky eaters with alternative food items.  It is critical to the safety of personnel that they eat to replace the calories they have burned.  Cadets who don’t eat will be counseled by their Training Officer (TO); personnel who pass on a second meal will have their parents notified. If your cadet refuses to eat a third meal, they will be sent home. 

In order to provide a safe and productive training environment for all personnel, we will follow national guidance on behavior. As we are all here to learn; horseplay, aggressive behavior, fighting or bullying will not be tolerated as it is disruptive to the learning environment.  This activity will utilize the following procedure regarding behavior, redirection, parental notification, and finally dismissal from encampment. However, some behaviors such as fighting or bullying will not follow this chain and cadets may be dismissed from encampment upon the first offence. 

Over the Counter (OTC) and Prescription (Rx) Medications:
Cadets and personnel who are bringing Rx medications to this activity will need to have them in a bottle, labeled from their pharmacy, with the dosage, time, and number of doses. 

NOTE: PERSONNEL DO NOT NEED TO BRING THEIR ENTIRE RX, THEY ONLY NEED TO HAVE THE NUMBER OF DOSES NECESSARY FOR THE TIME THEY ARE AT THE ACTIVITY.  Example: if a member takes 1 pill a day, and they are attending for seven days, then they should ONLY bring seven pills. 

In compliance with NHQ/CAP Health Services; this activity will be adhering to the following procedures on all Rx medications. Cadets will be able to maintain emergency/rescue medications (i.e., inhalers/epi pens and OTC medications for allergies).   Additionally, cadets should not bring OTC pain medications or any supplements that were not listed on their medication forms.

All personnel will go through a contraband shakedown upon arrival.  Contraband will be secured and locked for the duration of the activity and will be given back at the end of the activity.  This includes but is not limited to: cellular devices, watches, food and snacks, knives, etc.  If it is not listed on the packing list, it should not be brough to encampment.  (See Packing List) 

If you have any questions, please send them to encampment@txwg.cap.gov.