End of Encampment Update

​Thank you to all those that attended the Texas Wing Winter Encampment. We have posted encampment to national in e-Services. Please check your e-Services page to ensure that you have received credit for this latest encampment. If you have not, please e-mail texaswingencampment@gmail.com and give us your name and CAPID. Thank you.

The Texas Wing Cadet Programs staff would like to thank all of the cadets and seniors that gave a week of their time to come and work with cadets at encampment. We had an amazing crew and encampment was one of the smoothest we've seen.  We want to congratulate everyone on a job well done. 

Below is a list of the Honors for the Encampment as well as the list of Honor Cadets and Seniors that stepped up to the challenge and amazed their subordinates, peers, and superiors. 

Outstanding Line StaffC/MSgt Benjamin Stason
Outstanding Support StaffC/TSgt Tristan Nixon
Outstanding Senior Line Staff1st Lt Mandy Parker
Outstanding Senior Support Staff2d Lt Russell Pritchett

Alpha Flight Honor CadetC/A1C Anna Stone
Bravo Flight Honor CadetC/Amn Aiden Krech
Charlie Flight Honor CadetC/A1C Jacob Smith

Delta Flight Honor CadetC/Amn Sarah Wigington
Echo Flight Honor CadetC/A1C Christopher Greco
Foxtrot Flight Honor CadetC/Amn Charles Schumman

Golf Flight Honor CadetC/TSgt Jason Flaming
Hotel Flight Honor CadetC/CMSgt Garet Lipinski
India Flight Honor CadetC/Amn John Hurd

107th Squadron Honor CadetC/A1C Kameron Gentry
108th Squadron Honor Cadet C/SMSgt Benjamin Guerrero
109th Squadron Honor CadetC/SSgt Matthew McGee

Encampment Honor CadetC/SrA Ryan Breese

Knowledge Flight of the EncampmentHotel
Drill Flight of the EncampmentAlpha
Warrior Flight of the EncampmentIndia
Honor Flight of the EncampmentHotel

End of Encampment Update

Family and Friends of Texas Wing Winter Encampment,

Due to the weather forecast for the time of graduation and the worsening weather conditions on 31 DEC. Basic Cadets will be released at 1100 to return home, all Staff will be released upon the clearing the Camp Swift facilities (which should not more than an hour).

Please pass this information to all those traveling.

Thank you,

Philip A. Kost, Lt Col, CAP 
Director of Cadet Programs, Texas Wing 

Commander, Texas Wing Winter Encampment

Greetings from the 2017 Texas Wing Winter Encampment. We are well into our second full day of training and the Basic cadets are doing great. A huge shout out to the Cadet and Senior staff as they are conducting great training and ensuring that this group of cadets are receiving the best training available.

I am proud to announce that we have 11 Wings represented from across the United States, and that all 7 Groups of Texas Wing are also represented.

Even though it feels we've just started, Winter Encampment moves so fast that we are already looking at the end of Encampment as well. Having said that, the Executive staff and myself are looking very closely at the weather forecast for the 31st. Currently the forecast is saying 54 degrees with 57% probability of precipitation and wind gusts up to 20 mph. With the temperature dropping and below freezing and freezing rain by that evening.

At the 36 hour mark from when graduation is supposed to occur the Executive Staff and I will consult and make a decision on whether or not to conduct pass in review.

We all have your cadet's safety and health in mind do not want to expose them to inclement weather conditions before they head home.

Please monitor this page and texascadet.org for more details and the final determination.

Thank you,

Philip A. Kost, Lt Col, CAP
Commander, Texas Wing Winter Encampment
Director of Cadet Programs, Texas Wing

Basic Arrival

​Basic cadets need to arrive at Camp Swift, 1705 N Hwy 95, Bastrop, Texas, between 1300 and 1400 hours. Cadets must have already eaten lunch before arrival. Basic students should arrive in their Blue uniform.

Staff Arrival on 26 December

Staff should arrive between 0700 and 0800 to sign in and be ready for RST. Staff arriving on time should be in their BDU/ABU and ready to get started. 

Christmas Arrival - Cadet and Senior Staff arrival

Cadet and Senior Staff, please send an email to texaswingencampment@gmail.com to let us know if you are arriving on 25 December 2017. Please inform us of the time you are planning to arrive at Camp Swift. If you are arriving on Christmas, you do not need to be in a uniform. 

Vans at Encampment - Senior Members

If you are bringing a van to encampment, please send us an email to texaswingencampment@gmail.com to let us know that you are bringing a van. 

CEAP Update

All cadets applying for CEAP or other tuition assistance: Please go ahead and send your paperwork as per the instructions below to Chaplain (Lt Col) Nancy Smalley and put "Applying for CEAP" or "Applying for Tuition Assistance" at the top of your CAPF 31. This will allow us to track that you are planning to attend and possibly help you find tuition assistance.

Applications are Open

Texas Wing Cadet Programs is proud to announce that we are now accepti

ng applications for Winter Encampment 2017. Dates are 26-31 December 2017. 

Basic Encampment is for those cadets that have not previously attended an Encampment. Encampment is required for cadets to promote to the officer grades. It is also required for a cadet to attend the Lone Star Emergency Services Academy, Intermediate Encampment, or any National Cadet Special Activities. A cadet at basic encampment will learn how to drill as part of a flight, teamwork, aerospace opportunities, leadership opportunities and other classes. Please see CAPR 52-16 Chapter 9 for all opportunities that encampment offers.

The Basic Cadets will need to submit via mail their application to Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, Nancy Smalley. 

Mail to: 
Lt Col Nancy Smalley 
416 Victorian Drive 
Waxahachie, Texas 75165 

All forms must be received by 1 December 2017; STAFF FORMS MUST BE IN BY 1 November 2017. Late applications will not be accepted. No one arriving without having previously sent a CAPF 31, 160, 161, 163 and Certificate of Understanding will be allowed to sign into the activity. DO NOT send forms by any postal or delivery method that requires a signature; just mail them. If you feel they will not arrive by mail on time, simply send an email to texaswingencampment@gmail.com to let us know that they are on the way. 

For Cadets and Seniors, the following forms must be included with their application (all forms are available at www.texascadet.org): 

1. CAPF 31:
(a) Under “ACTIVITY APPLYING FOR” put Basic Encampment. Be sure to include your current CAP grade.
(b) The medical section must be completed.
(c) Cadet’s parent(s) must sign the CAPF 31.
(d) Squadron Commanders should verify the information and sign the CAPF 31.
2. Certificate of Understanding
3. CAPF 160
4. CAPF 161
5. CAPF 163

A CAPF 31 received without the above information will not be accepted until all missing information is received.The activity will be held at Camp Swift Training Center, Bastrop, Texas. There will be a $165.00 charge for basic encampment students. The charge for cadet and senior staff will be $105.00. This covers food, drinks, t-shirt, billeting and administrative costs. The fee will be paid via the EventBrite link https://2017txwgwinterencampment.eventbrite.com. DO NOT send cash. This is non-refundable after 1 December 2017.

Update 12 August 2017

​Good afternoon all, thank you for applying to the Texas Wing Winter Encampment 2017! This is a notice to inform all applicants that we have received a record 130 applications for about half that number of cadet staff positions. Because of these remarkable number of applications, unfortunately we will only be able to accept 50% of you for staff. 

​We expect to announce final staff positions around the 20th of August. That being said, if you do not receive a position, do not be discouraged because this is an extremely competitive encampment with many qualified applicants;  you are highly encouraged to apply again for Summer Encampment. I appreciate all of you taking the time to apply and being willing to come staff. Thank you once again.

On behalf of the Encampment Commander Lt Col Kost and the Executive staff, to quote High School Musical, “We’re all in this together.”

C/Lt Col Laura Turpen, CAP
Cadet Commander, TXWG Winter Encampment 2017

​Senior Staff Announced

Thank you to all of the Senior Members that volunteered to work the Winter Encampment. We have posted the staff to the Staff List page. We appreciate every person that volunteers to help. 

We are still looking for a Chaplain and a Communications Mentor. If you have these abilities, please contact us at texaswingencampment@gmail.com. Thank you. 

Winter Encampment

Texas Wing Cadet Programs