End of Encampment Update

Thank you to all those that attended the Texas Wing Winter Encampment. We have posted encampment to national in e-Services. Please check your e-Services page to ensure that you have received credit for this latest encampment. If you have not, please e-mail cp@txwgcap.org and give us your name and CAPID. Thank you.

​All cadets that have graduated from encampment are now eligible to apply for National Cadet Special Activities through e-Services. The window for this summer's activities closes on 15 January 2017. Please see http://www.texascadet.org/ncsa-information.html for more information.

The Texas Wing Cadet Programs staff would like to thank all of the cadets and seniors that gave a week of their time to come and work with cadets at encampment. We had an amazing crew and encampment was one of the smoothest we've seen.  We want to congratulate everyone on a job well done. 

Below is a list of the Honor Cadets and Seniors that stepped up to the challenge and amazed their subordinates, peers, and superiors. 

Alpha FlightC/TSgt Denham Howden
Bravo FlightC/TSgt Zara Burns
Charlie FlightC/A1C Moriah Suarez
Delta FlightC/Amn Charles Finch
Echo FlightC/TSgt Alyssa Burns
Foxtrot FlightC/Amn Tristan Nixon
Golf FlightC/SSgt James Burch
Hotel FlightC/Amn Brittany Martin
India FlightC/A1C James Peterson

101st SquadronC/SrA Pablo Granado
102nd SquadronC/TSgt Matthew Koenig
103rd SquadronC/TSgt Joshua Socias

Encampment Honor CadetC/TSgt Ethan Cray

Line StaffC/2d Lt Ian Harrison
Support StaffC/2d Lt Maegan Flood
Support StaffC/CMSgt Logan O'Brien

Senior StaffLt Col Nancy Smalley
Senior Staff1st Lt Jen Guillen
Training OfficerMaj Seth Hudson

Winter Encampment

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